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Beer Nikšićko
Nikšićko What can be better than beer? Just beer in a hot summer day! PivaraTrebjesa is the first and the only brewery in Montenegro, which has been producing this amazing and fresh beverage since 1896! The brewery was built by Montenegrin Vuko Krivokapic, who received approval from the King Nicola. Beer was named Nikšićko after the city it was built. Especially popular among the local people "Svetlo tocheno" beer, which means light draught beer. It is usually served in bars, cafes and beaches. It is worth to mention that can and bottle, light and dark beer trading at shops is good and never fall off.  Nikšićko can be found not only in Montenegro and all over Balkan peninsula, but in such countries as France, Germany, Canada, England and Switzerland. 
How rakija is drunk in Montenegro
In old times in Montenegro there was no analgesic aid except of rakija. Many Montenegrins still cure stomach disease with rakija, drink warm rakija when have flu, have a toothache take rakija with garlic. In some villages rakija is given to women in labour as an aesthetic during delivery. This is an amazing multifunctional drink is made of fruits and has many variants: plum, apple, pear, grape, apricot, quince etc. The most famous rakija is of grape, because its production was started first in Montenegro. Very often rakija is produced from different kinds of fruits at the same time. Different spices, nuts, herbs, anise or honey can be added. Minimum aging period of a healing drink is 6 months. The longer rakija is aging, the richer, more aromatic and more effective it becomes.Interesting fact: the secret of longevity in Montenegro is rakija. They drink every morning a short glass of rakija, which brings them strength and energy. Have you known that rakija has amazing health properties?How rakija is drunk in Montenegro? Rakija in Montenegro is a national drink or to be more precise is a variety of the related drinks, which are different by taste and appearance, but united by origin and general name. A guest will always...

In Vino Veritas
Airport Tivat
Еnology is the science of winegrowing and winemaking.  Winemaking in Montenegro has an old history and dates back to the Pre-roman period. Grape has been grown at the valley of Skadar lake since the times of Illyrian State existed on the territory of present Montenegro.  The State arrangements were started to support development of winemaking at the times of kingship of Nikolai I (1860-1918).  He was the first who created vineyards and set up the rules for grape cultivation and winemaking.    The further development of winemaking had been taking place on this territory in Montenegro before the 2nd World War. Joint ventures for wine production are starting to appear for the first time, such as Godinje-Crmnica (1911) and the modern foundation of winemaking has been created in Montenegro. The first time Montenegro received several awards in London, 1907 for the wine production of high quality. In 1928 Montenegrin wines were included to the list of the best 6 wines at the exhibition in Belgrade.All these events became a subtle milestone for the development of vineyards and the emergency of new ones at the region of Cemovsko (1977-1982), that sustain the cultivation of other 1 500 hectares of vineyards. Today in...
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Each country has its own peculiarities of preparation of traditional alcoholic beverages and Montenegro is not an exception. For decades, the traditional Montenegrin alcoholic drinks are popular with tourists from all over the world and become a souvenir, reminding of the country long time ago.

The culture of alcohol consumption in Montenegro has a long tradition. In the vicinity of the Skadar Lake and the area Tsrmnitsa vines (grapes) were grown and, therefore, produced wine in III and II century BC. To this day, the Montenegrins are famous for their red and white wine ( "Vranac" and "Krstac") produced from the local, very tasty and sweet grapes. On the territory of Montenegro, a popular strong alcoholic drink - rakija (vodka with an alcohol content of 50-60%) is also produced, beer Niksicko (the only brewery in Montenegro located in Niksic) and even mead. In vino veritas - the truth is in wine! Apparently, this is true, as you take into account that since the beginning of the XXI century the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Montenegro increased in 2.5 times.

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