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 Montenegro is not a big country in size, but is very diverse and rich in the landscape - in addition to the Adriatic Sea and the majestic mountain ranges in the central part and the north of the country, there are a lot of pristine mountain rivers and lakes, with stunning panoramic views and majestic scenery.
 About 52% of Montenegrin rivers belongs to the basin of the Danube and the Black Sea, the remaining 48% - to the Adriatic Sea basin. The longest and most popular rivers of Montenegro: Tara (144 km.), Lim (123 km.), Cheotina (100 km.), Moraca (99 km.), Zeta (65 km.) And Bojana (30 km.).

 In addition to the rivers on the territory of Montenegro, there are about 40 different lakes that are either in the national parks, or in the mountains area. Also on the territory of Montenegro, there are 29 small mountain lakes of glacial origin, the total floor area of which is 3.89 km².

 In any case, we can say with confidence that the experiences and emotions of visiting these beautiful natural places of Montenegro will be enough for a long time ...)
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