Flora and fauna of Montenegro

Centuries-old olive tree and old mill
Near the popular resort town of Budva, in the district of Becici, grows the centuries-old Olive tree, which is more than 2000 years old !!! The oldest olive tree can be reached on foot along Ive Lole Ribara (about 2 km.) or by car. The distance is small, but because of the steep climb up the road takes about an hour of walk. To the cave leads a narrow and in some places an impenetrable path, intersected by streams, trees and stones. It is worth noting that if you go on foot, you can see the steepest views of the nature of Montenegro, the Adriatic Sea, the beaches of Becici and Rafailovici and the entire Budva Riviera...The Old Olive, which grew back in the time of Jesus, is still green and still bears fruit! It is also an excellent object for a photo shoot. Next to Oliva are an old olive oil extraction mill and a cave. They can be reached by the signs that are located on the road. In the premises of the old olive mill, up to the 70s of the 20th century, olive oil was squeezed with the help of people's and bulls' power. Now there is a museum here.  

Farm oysters and mussels in Montenegro
Черногория — удивительная страна, она может подарить незабываемые впечатления даже там, где ты их не ждешь... В окрестностях Котора, Пераста и Доброты, в Боко-Которском заливе есть несколько десятков ферм по выращиванию устриц (в Черногории их называют "остриги" или "каменицы"), мидий ("школьки") и ракушек Вонголе. Устрицы выращивают в специальных корзинах из металлической сетки, которые помещают в плавающие контейнеры с буйками. Таким образом, устриц защищают от нападения дорады, которая любит полакомиться молодыми ракушками. Также многие хозяева ферм или их помощники периодически выбираются в море, чтобы поймать свежую рыбу на удочку или сетью. Мидии стоят 1.5-2 евро за 1...
Old Olive Tree
The ancient olive tree (Old Olive tree). The town of Bar in Montenegro is not only a world-renowned resort, but also a city that is famous for a large number of olive trees. In the vicinity of Bar, there are more than one hundred thousand of them, and the average age of olive trees close to a thousand years.   "According to one local legend, a young man has no right to marry until grow the right amount of olive trees. " Among all these ancient trees stands an olive-patriarch, the same age as our era, is now considered the oldest tree in Europe, and according to some sources in the world - The old olive tree (Ancient Oliva), which has an age of over 2000 years. Scientific analysis of the wood tissue was carried out in 2015, which showed that the olive tree has an age of 2240 years!!! It is believed, that it was the mother of all the olive trees in the vicinity of Montenegro. The tree, it seems, is absolutely out of control of the years, which remembers in its lifetime even the emergence of the Christian faith - next to it is a good sense of transience of human life. Despite such solid years, old olive tree thrives and still bears fruit. However, be aware that most of the leaves and olives actually come from new shoots...

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