Seasons in Montenegro

 Recreational season in Montenegro lasts throughout a year, because in addition to the summer seaside resorts, the country has also winter ski resort areas. But what kind of season in Montenegro is best to visit? All of course depends on the main purpose of the visit of the "pearl" of the Balkan Peninsula, pursued by tourists. Some go for the sandy beaches, gorgeous tan and swim in the sea, while others - for clean mountain air, which is impregnated with healing sweet smells of eucalyptus and pine trees, and others - for unique therapeutic mud and reducing health procedures, the fourth are attracted by active sports and they come in winter for the charm of the snow mountains and skiing / snowboarding, or spring for the wild full-flowing mountain rivers and white water rafting. Many people are attracted by an abundance of cultural attractions and historical sites throughout a year, which are located in Montenegro, at almost every turn. As you probably already guessed, for each of these people there is most favorable period.


 The most unpredictable season in Montenegro is winter. Tourists can wear light coats on the shore, but in the North, the mountains can be covered by snow for some centimeters.
 Herewith you can witness unique natural phenomena on the shore, strong wind and stormy weather at the sea. Those who love unique pictures will enjoy it.
 Winter sports become popular in winter, such as downhill skiing and snowboarding. In Kolašin and Zabljak you can entirely enjoy these sports. Always check the weather before plan the trip. It differs from year to year. It is considered that skiing season starts in the middle of January/beginning of February and ends in March. But the weather may decide differently. 
 The Montenegrins divide these resorts easily. They consider that Kolasin is better from the point of view of infrastructure, and Zabljak is richer with nature.
 Even if you do not like winter sports, you can spend your free time to trip around Montenegro and learn its beauty. Absence of tourists and low prices will contribute to this.


 Spring in Montenegro is something special. The days become longer, the sun is brighter and warmer. If you want to visit this country, enjoy bright green and blossom bushes, spring is an ideal season. Plunge into the bright colors of Montenegro. 

 In spring, there are no so many tourists in Montenegro like in summer. Therefore, you can peacefully enjoy the view of empty beaches of Adriatic seashore and walk along the Old Town without tourists, no matter what town it is. 
You can have lunch at the shore admiring the sunset, visit all tourist sightseeing, to sail over Skadar Lake, to visit Zhabljak with Black Lake.

 You may witness snow at the mountains in March, you can ski, snowboard or organize a walk to the snow forest. Also you may stop in a hotel in the mountains and relax with a glass of mulled wine.
 The sun is so hot in May, so the bravest tourists may open bathing suit season. The sea will be fresh and mild spring sun will guarantee you even and nice sunburn.


 Summer is a small life. The quantity of beaches in Montenegro impresses. They are absolutely different: sand, gravel, rocky, wild, city. You can find any beach fitting every taste. You can spend all your vacation visiting different beaches. Officially summer season in Montenegro starts from July 15 and lasts till September 15. Most of the tourists visit the country in this period. Onshore restaurants and quays are overcrowded. Montenegro comes to life in Summer. All restaurants and discos are open, many festivals are held, the majority of which concentrated in Budva and Kotor. This time is ideal for those who are going to have an active life, in every sense of the word. 

 You can practice any water sport activity: mountain river rafting, wakeboarding, yachting, diving and wave running. Also you may practice hiking or cycling tours on well-prepared trails in the mountains. Lovers of the most extreme sports, such as basejumping (jumping from the mountains) and paragliding, also come here. In addition you have an opportunity to visit all sightseeing in fine and sunny weather. 

 We should warn you about temporal traffic jams and slight price increase in the restaurants and shops, especially at sea resort areas. 


 Mild season in Montenegro is really amazing period. September, October, November. The majority of tourists leave the country, prices become lower, the weather becomes more comfortable and daytime heat comes to naught.

 Surely, Autumn may be rainy, but in September and October, people still swim and sunbathe if the weather is fine, and wear summer clothe. Of course, evenings are fresh. 

 This period is amazing, it is difficult to identify the current season. The beaches are almost empty, but at the beginning of Autumn one can enjoy the infrastructure. All beaches are open. Sightseeing still work according to summer schedule. This the most ideal period for those who travel with small children.  
 Onshore discos are about to close, therefore you can enjoy romantic promenades along the shore with surf accompanying you. 

 In November, you can completely devote your time for visiting different monasteries and remote northern places of Montenegro, to witness multicolored Autumn in the mountain lakes. 

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