Observation (viewing) point

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 Observation platforms around the world are among the most attractive places not only for locals but also for the vast number of tourists. They are found by lovers of selfie, visiting photographers, love couples and newlyweds, favor artists and poets - people of all ages and social status come here only to a bird's-eye view of the surrounding nature and be inspired by seen splendor.

 Montenegrin mountainous terrain is as if someone specially created to accommodate a large number of natural observation decks. With their help, you can see and feel the scale of the mighty mountain peaks, endless ancient forests, as well as enjoy its natural beauty and attractions of all kinds. In addition, in the territory of Montenegro, there are many beautiful viewing platforms, created by man, which can be in peace and quiet to contemplate the picturesque sunrises and fabulous sunsets over the sea surface, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside, beaches and cities located at the foot of the mountains, with which you will discover a new way to Montenegro. In this section, we will tell you about the various viewing points of Montenegro in detail, show some photos taken at these locations, as well as explain how you can get there on your own, and even in several ways.

 Want to feel pleasure from the stunning panoramic views, get a charge of positive energy, fill yourself with beauty and spiritual merge with nature? Then you definitely need to visit one of the viewing areas of Montenegro.
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