Observation (viewing) point

Centuries-old olive tree and old mill
Near the popular resort town of Budva, in the district of Becici, grows the centuries-old Olive tree, which is more than 2000 years old !!! The oldest olive tree can be reached on foot along Ive Lole Ribara (about 2 km.) or by car. The distance is small, but because of the steep climb up the road takes about an hour of walk. To the cave leads a narrow and in some places an impenetrable path, intersected by streams, trees and stones. It is worth noting that if you go on foot, you can see the steepest views of the nature of Montenegro, the Adriatic Sea, the beaches of Becici and Rafailovici and the entire Budva Riviera...The Old Olive, which grew back in the time of Jesus, is still green and still bears fruit! It is also an excellent object for a photo shoot. Next to Oliva are an old olive oil extraction mill and a cave. They can be reached by the signs that are located on the road. In the premises of the old olive mill, up to the 70s of the 20th century, olive oil was squeezed with the help of people's and bulls' power. Now there is a museum here.  
Fortress wall around Old town of Budva
A powerful fortress wall around the Ancient Town of Budva in Montenegro was rebuilt by the Venetians during the Renaissance after a devastating earthquake in the 17th century. The first defensive constructions of the city were erected here in the 9th century, and one of the ancient fortress walls was part of the Benedictine monastery that overlooked the coast. According to ancient engravings in the museum of Budva, the city fortifications of the 16th century has six somewhat elongated towers and one round one, between which stretched thick walls laid out of a hewn stone. Its borders were unchanged for several centuries, as well as the number of residents of the city did not exceed 1000 people. After the massive earthquake in Montenegro on April 15, 1979, with the magnitude of 7 points the "Old Grad" in Budva, like its fortress, was again destroyed and restored only by 1987. To date, the Old part of Budva is an architectural monument of antiquity and is protected by UNESCO. The Old Town of Budva is a whole open-air museum with a huge number of attractions, cultural sites and historical monuments where people still live in medieval buildings of hewn stone, and its protective fortress walls are another tourist attraction...

Hiking path to the fortress of St. Ivan
If to face the mountain above Old Town in Kotor and look up, you will see a defensive wall weaving fancily over the mountainside. There are small figures of people climbing up and going down the fortress. The wall 4km long was being rebuilt and reinforced from the 9th till 19th century. St. Ivan's fortress is located 280 meters above the sea. You should get in here to see breath-taking panorama of Boka-Kotor Bay. It is often advised to start you way early morning, but we consider sunset, about 6p.p. is an ideal time. The heat is slackening and sunset sky is beautiful in particular. It is better to start from the eastern part of Old Town. You should come under an ancient arc near Grubonja Palace, this is the start. You should buy a ticket (3 Euro per person) in daytime. After 9p.m. checkman is leaving and you can come free. By the way, it is necessary to take water and walking shoes (training shoes better) - there are 1300 of steep stairs, sometimes very damaged.  Actually those who is not certain about his/her strength, can reach the first "milestone" Church of Our Lady of Health. It takes just 15 minutes and the view becomes spectacular. Climbing to the fortress, where Montenegrin flag waving in the breeze, takes...
Mountain Celobrdo (Čelobrdo)
On the way from Przno to Sveti Stefan you can seea left exit off the road to a small monastery Praskvica. It is this exit you need to get to the mountains Chelobrdo (Planina Čelobrdo) which offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the Budva Riviera in Montenegro. You can get to the top either on foot or by car: If you go on foot, it is necessary to reach Praskavica monastery, and from it there is an old stone road of "Yegor Stroganov" to the Mount Chelobrdo (it can also be seen on the map). In Montenegro, there is a legend that the monk built this way by himself for ten years. If you go by car, when going off from the road Przno - Sveti Stefan, there is a fork. The road to the right leads to the monastery Praskvica and straight - to this very hill with magnificent panoramic views. You need to drive just a couple of kilometers to the monument to the heroes of the war in the village Chelobrdo and to the spring with sweet water. On this way, there are a few stops and each has a completely different view of the Budva Riviera, and a large part of the Adriatic coast. The mountain Chelobrdo offers amazing views of the sea, the island of Sveti Stefan, a variety of beaches, Milocer park, settlements Pržno, Budva, Becici and...

Panoramic route Krug Oko Korita
Airport Tivat
Going along various panoramic routes of Montenegro, you will have a great opportunity to get acquainted with its amazing nature, incredible landscapes and interesting culture. One of such fascinating excursion tours passes through the wild nature and romantic mountains in the eastern part of the country, near the capital of Montenegro - Podgorica and the border with Albania.Panoramic route around the valley - Krug Oko Korita (circle around the valley), is the most popular and interesting car and hiking route in Montenegro. It passes through Podgorica, which is the capital of Montenegro; a village with the interesting name of Kucha; Canyon of Cievna, passing through Montenegro and Albania and the Prokletije mountain range. Time travel is within one day, and the total length of the proposed route is 65 kilometers. One of the most attractive and fascinating sights of this way is the gorge "Grlo Sokolovo". This canyon is one of the most interesting places of the route, which every tourist should certainly see. Other attractions include the monument to Novak Milosev and the observation deck next to it; the village of Kucka Korita, small settlements of Rudine and Rakovichi; the settlement of Fundin; the ancient city-fortress...
Road Cetinje - lovćen - Kotor (serpentine loops of 26!)
Goving from the National Park Lovcen (or from Cetinje) to the town of Kotor (or vice versa) by car, motorcycle or bicycle, you can see a lot of interesting and memorable things: splendid views and panoramas, vast expanses of Montenegro, wild forest, abandoned villages, serpentines, etc. Countless viewpoints, parking with beautiful views and just road offs, from which you can see Montenegro at a height of 1.5 km above the sea level are locates along the way. The road from Lovcen (from Cetinje) to Kotor takes about 2-3 hours, but believe me, it's really worth it!Lifehack: the road from Cetinje or the National Park Lovcen to Kotor (Cetinje - Lovcen - Kotor) is a simple variant, since the National Park Lovcen mountain road is quite flat, and to the town of Kotor it goes down by the complex mountain serpentine, watching prodigious views, is just a pleasure. The way back from Kotor to Lovcen begins precisely with this, sometimes dangerous, mountain serpentine, which consists of 26 loops! (Sharp turns). And since it is one lane concrete road, rising continuously upwards, this way is quite difficult. Be attentive and have a pleasant journey!  

Sunset over the island of Sveti Stefan
Sveti Stefan
To observe stunning landscapes and sunsets cafe-restaurant Adrović, which is located over the island of Sveti Stefan. You can go to a cafe, order a Cup of coffee or tea for only 3-5 euros and enjoy this unearthly beauty.
View from the bridge Đurđevića (Tara bridge)
The Djurdjevic Bridge, which passes over the canyon of the Tara River, is one of Montenegro's most popular and memorable sights. It is one of the tallest automobile bridges in Europe, whose height is 172 meters. Around the bridge there is a huge number of viewing platforms and from each point there are fantastic, magnificent and unique views of the surrounding mountains that shake their grandeur, a huge canyon (for a minute, the second largest in the world!), The Djurdjevic Bridge itself, and also on forest tracts and endless expanses of wildlife, where unchanging tiled roofs of houses of local villages can be seen, making the landscape even more rich and poetic ... Lifehack: An outstanding part of the canyon, proclaimed by the World Ecological Reserve, was the forest of Crna Poda. Here relic black pines grow, thanks to which the country got its name - Crna Gora. Observing from the height of the 172-meter arched bridge beyond the river Tara, you marvel at her elegance and power at the same time. Take the time and energy and go down to the gorge. At the river itself, you get magnificent photos! If the heart asks for more, you can go on a rafting trip on the Tara River or make an extreme flight over the canyon on the...

Viewing point of the Budva Riviera
Going on a mountain road from Budva to Cetinje (Podgorica), You will be able to see the magnificent scenery of sea, mountains, Islands and towns from a bird's flight. Though the road goes constantly up a serpentine road, but not difficult in terms of driving, and this is very interesting. Along the road sometimes come across "Islands", where you can park auto, rest, enjoy great views and take a photo or selfie...
Viewing point of the canyon ilino Brdo
On the way Trebinje - Niksic, on the very border with Bosnia and Herzegovina you can see stunning and breathtaking views of the canyon and the mountains of Ilino (ilino Brdo).

Views of Boka Kotor Bay (viewing platform)
Moving from the National Park Lovcen (or from Cetinje) in the town of Kotor (or vice versa) by car, motorcycle or bicycle, you can see a lot of interesting and memorable things: splendid views and panoramas, vast expanses of Montenegro, wild forest, abandoned villages, serpentines, etc. Countless viewpoints, parking with beautiful views and just road offs, from which you can see Montenegro at a height of 1.5 km above the sea level are locates along the way. The road from Lovcen (from Cetinje) to Kotor takes about 2-3 hours, but believe me, it's really worth it! In this article we want to share with you one of these places, which offers a fabulous view of the coast of Montenegro: Kotor and Tivat bays, Tivat airport, the town of Kotor, Tivat and other coastal settlements as well as Lustica peninsula, island of Flowers and much more. The main thing is the weather and the sky has to be clear and cloudless, as in foggy or rainy weather everything looks like this, though fascinating, too... Lifehack: if from the viewpoint pass on the stones a little forward, the view of the northern part of Montenegro will be even more striking. View of the viewpoint from a stone path View of the viewpoint from a stone...
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 Observation platforms around the world are among the most attractive places not only for locals but also for the vast number of tourists. They are found by lovers of selfie, visiting photographers, love couples and newlyweds, favor artists and poets - people of all ages and social status come here only to a bird's-eye view of the surrounding nature and be inspired by seen splendor.

 Montenegrin mountainous terrain is as if someone specially created to accommodate a large number of natural observation decks. With their help, you can see and feel the scale of the mighty mountain peaks, endless ancient forests, as well as enjoy its natural beauty and attractions of all kinds. In addition, in the territory of Montenegro, there are many beautiful viewing platforms, created by man, which can be in peace and quiet to contemplate the picturesque sunrises and fabulous sunsets over the sea surface, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside, beaches and cities located at the foot of the mountains, with which you will discover a new way to Montenegro. In this section, we will tell you about the various viewing points of Montenegro in detail, show some photos taken at these locations, as well as explain how you can get there on your own, and even in several ways.

 Want to feel pleasure from the stunning panoramic views, get a charge of positive energy, fill yourself with beauty and spiritual merge with nature? Then you definitely need to visit one of the viewing areas of Montenegro.
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