Entertainment on land

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In Montenegro, in addition to "lazy" beach rest and contemplation of stunning views of the surrounding nature, you can have a great time, doing active kinds of leisure and recreation. The territory of this coastal Balkan country is so diverse that one can find a huge number of different types of outdoor activities, suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their desires, as well as physical or psychological training.

In this section you will find a lot of entertainment and active leisure activities on land, which can be found in Montenegro, not only on the coast, but also in its central part. Here you will find: zoos and amusement parks, cinemas, karting clubs, bowling and billiards, table tennis and tennis courts, shooting range and mini-golf courses, climbing clubs and climbing routes, horseback riding, dance clubs, rope parks in the forest, as well as hiking, biking and car routes throughout Montenegro and much more. All these places are presented with descriptions, prices, contacts, some photos and geo-location on the map, and many of them have already acquired reviews and tourist ratings. Choose what is right for you or what you have long wanted to try and go conquer new peaks, discovering new facets!

We constantly update our list with new attractions and entertainment that are on the ground. If you have something to share, you have found a completely new type of active recreation in Montenegro or you are the owner of one of such entertainments – contact us by e-mail (info@waytomonte.com) or in the form of feedback and we will necessarily add information about it to our website, as well as to the "Guide around Montenegro" app on the App Store and Google Play.
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