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Bungee jumping
In Montenegro, in addition to various types of outdoor activities on the water, on land and in the air, there is also quite extreme entertainment. One of these dangerous attractions is bungee jumping. The only place in Montenegro for bungee jumping is in the most popular resort town of Budva. It is located on the central beach of the city - Slovenska Plaža, near the elite residential complex Dukley. The platform for bungee jumping is located at an altitude of about 40 meters just above the Adriatic Sea. In addition to the jump itself, you can see stunning panoramic view of the nature of Montenegro, the Budva Riviera, the Old Town of Budva, the island of St. Nicholas and other attractions.Bungee jumping is a jump upside down on an elastic rope from a special platform, which is located at a height of several dozens to a couple of hundred meters. After the jump, the rope stretches and contracts several times, lowering the jumper down and lifting it up. Bungee jumping means "jump on an elastic strap". These extreme jumps were common among the natives of the island of Pentecost from ancient times. For the test of courage, the men of the tribe (land-divers) tied their ropes to their ankles and jumped from high platforms into...
Club Dolcinium: kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kiting, windsurfing
The Club Dolcinium is the first Montenegrin kite club which existed since 2008. It is located in the one of the most beautiful wild sandy beaches in Montenegro - Velika Plaža (Long Beach) Stretching for 12 km from Cape Djerane in the West till Bojana river in the East. Except fabulous kitesurf spot in sandy beach our Club offer ultimate enjoyment with relaxed Cabanaswhere one can testing different summer cocktails and listening to the sound of chill music coming fromthe bar where there is a party organized almost every day . You could not possibly find in a Mediterranean cost a safer and a nice place to learn kitesurfing with our kite instructors you will be 100% satisfied. Our school will happily provide you with brand new 2014 equipment from RRD ,ION   Warm Water ,Long Sandy Beach, Mistral Wind, Relaxed Cabanas Welcome to Kitesurf Club Dolcinium. Basic Course:Covers learning the basics of safety and kite control.Basic Course:   6h (one person) 250 €8h (two people) 500 €10h (three people) 650 €12h (four people) 800 €Intensive Basic Course:In case that after completing the Basic Course you don’t feel safe practicing alone, just extend your course!Intensive Basic Course: 8h (one person) 300 €12h (two...

Dream of flying like a bird? The paraglider will make your dream come true! For a long time a man could only dream of an independent flight. But now, dreams become reality and everyone can fly! Paragliding Club "Paragliding4me" invites you to get the height of the bird's flight, where everything seems small, like a toy, but it's not less fascinating! The paraglider is an ultralight and the safest aircraft, allowing you to realize your dreams of flying and active leisure easily. Paragliding on your own or in tandem with an instructor is comfortable and safe, and also allows you to learn more about free flight in the vast airspace, to receive unique sensations and unforgettable impressions. The sensation of flight cannot be compared with anything else. On average, the flight of the amateur pilot lasts about an hour: the duration depends on the location, weather conditions, as well as the skills of the paraglider and their stamina. All you need is a desire to fly and clear weather. If: You are at least 3 years old and not more than 104 years old; Your weight is not less than 25 and not more than 100 kg .; You are very afraid of height; You believe that 5,748 takeoffs are equal to...
Paragliding club
If You want to see Montenegro from height of bird's flight, to enjoy the magnificent views and also to get pleasure and delight, You should definitely try paragliding in this mountainous country. Paragliding in the district Becici, near the resort town of Budva. This is probably the best place in Montenegro for paragliding. There are all conditions for unforgettable flights, both independently and in tandem with the instructor: the unique mountainous landscape, stunning scenery, the Adriatic sea, comfortable weather throughout the year, perfectly chosen locations for the start of the flight and landing, and most importantly, a professional team of paragliders. The takeoff is from the top of the mountain range Braiki at an altitude of 760 meters above sea level, climbing to 1,200 meters. The landing takes place on the beach in Becici, Rafailovici. The flight duration is 10-15 minutes.  

Parasailing - flight on a parachute behind a boat
Rest in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea is not only gentle sunshine, warm sea and cozy beach. Those who are not happy with infinite lying on the beach, may find more active entertainment. Extreme sports, daring experiments, rest, with off-scale adrenaline - all of this can be found almost at all organized beaches of Montenegro. Budva, Bar, Petrovac Przno, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Ulcinj - in each of these cities on the beach there are companies that offer a variety of services for active recreation. One of the most interesting, popular and favorite entertainment with people on vacation at the Adriatic coast is flight on a parachute towed by a speedboat. Almost everyone dreams to parachute since childhood. Everybody wants to experience the flight, feel an incredible sense of freedom and happiness. However, not everyone is capable to fulfil that dream due to health problems, fears or some other reasons. Flying on a parachute towed to a boat is a good chance to make one’s dream come true. Of course, to call this type of entertainment completely secure is difficult, but the risk is ten times less than during the flight on a real parachute. Flights on a parachute towed by a speedboat (otherwise this sport is called parasailing)...
ZipLine over the Tara river
Another incredible adventure in Montenegro, to get a dose of adrenaline and enjoyment is zip. Over the course of the river Tara (Tara river canyon) near the famous bridge Đurđevića, you can fly with a speed of 50-100 km/h on a ZipLine to a 300m long. What will they do in order to discover new landscapes beautiful and the biggest canyon in Europe? Zipline, zip line (Zip Line) is the descent using the forces of gravity on the steel rope with a separation from the earth, through the air, with the help of special devices that use blocks. Lately it is quite widely used around the world as entertainment for tourists, as well as for more thrills and neperedavaemye emotions.  The highest zipline with a length of 1300 metres in the ski resort of Val Thorens in France and is at an altitude of 3250 (beginning) 3000 (finish) meters above sea level. The speed of descent within one minute and 45 seconds 60-100 km/h.  

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Montenegro is a small mountainous country, where you can find a wide variety of entertainment and active leisure. Here you can find anything! But sometimes, on vacation something really interesting and memorable wants to be experienced, something breathtaking! Spend a few minutes so that they are remembered for life and left a bright trace... There is a way out in Montenegro!

The industry of active recreation of Montenegro is replete with all sorts of offers of air adventures. In this section you can choose a suitable option for yourself to stay in the sky, the duration of the flight, air transport, as well as the instructor flying with you and the equipment. It is necessary to say at once that air sport is a hobby for all, but not for everyone, as it requires good physical preparation, strong health and courage.

So, what kind of air entertainment are waiting for you in Montenegro? Paragliding, (parasailing), skysurfing, parachute jumping in tandem with and without an instructor, kiting, kitesurfing, base jumping, helicopter trips, and airplane flights of all kinds of destinations and models. Do not miss the opportunity to soar above the ground and feel complete freedom!

People are not birds, but sometimes they can fly...
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