Entertainment in the air

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Montenegro is a small mountainous country, where you can find a wide variety of entertainment and active leisure. Here you can find anything! But sometimes, on vacation something really interesting and memorable wants to be experienced, something breathtaking! Spend a few minutes so that they are remembered for life and left a bright trace... There is a way out in Montenegro!

The industry of active recreation of Montenegro is replete with all sorts of offers of air adventures. In this section you can choose a suitable option for yourself to stay in the sky, the duration of the flight, air transport, as well as the instructor flying with you and the equipment. It is necessary to say at once that air sport is a hobby for all, but not for everyone, as it requires good physical preparation, strong health and courage.

So, what kind of air entertainment are waiting for you in Montenegro? Paragliding, (parasailing), skysurfing, parachute jumping in tandem with and without an instructor, kiting, kitesurfing, base jumping, helicopter trips, and airplane flights of all kinds of destinations and models. Do not miss the opportunity to soar above the ground and feel complete freedom!

People are not birds, but sometimes they can fly...
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