Extreme leisure

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In Montenegro, there are many options for recreation: beach, hiking, family, pilgrimage, sports, club, museum, active, cognitive, etc. Many tourists recently prefer to add a bit of extreme to their vacation and look for suitable places to try something new and exciting, overcome their own fears and curiosity, get maximum impressions and a storm of positive emotions.

We have collected for you a list of the most dangerous types of extreme tourism and recreation in Montenegro, which give an opportunity to get a huge portion of adrenaline and enjoy the unique seconds of meeting with wildlife. Here you can touch the clouds by flying on a paraglider or jumping with a parachute; feel like a real racer, being on the professional track behind the wheel of a karting or going for a walk on mountain ranges on jeeps or quad bikes; feel all the power and strength of water, rafting on the mountain rivers, rolling on a wakeboard or flying on a flyboard. Of course, do not forget about sea fishing, diving, kitesurfing and mountaineering, which are quite common in Montenegro.

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From all over Montenegro, especially for you we have gathered a fairly impressive collection of extreme types of recreation. Which one to try and where is the line for which you should not step over - it's up to you...
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