Children's entertainment center UP
Children's entertainment center "UP" - a new favorite vacation spot for kids and their parents! New children's entertainment center "Up", in Podgorica, where children and their parents may have a great time. In the center, on the area of 550 m2 there are slides, children's bridges, trampoline, mini-football field and a café bar. Parents can absolutely safely leave their children under the supervision of trained staff. Special offer is a fitness program, regardless of age, where children and parents can go to the gym and exercise to keep in shape. In the center "UP" there is also organized a creative and educational care for school-age children. The employees of the center will make sure that your child safely reached and returned from school and under the guidance of teachers is prepared for classes. In addition, the children are provided food and bathrooms. Birthday celebration is a special day in the life of every child, and if you want to give your child an unforgettable day, the staff of the children's center "Up" will be glad to help you. In a modern interior with animation a small birthday person will remember this holiday for a long...
Game room Simba
Igraonica Simba in Tivat
Igraonica Admire
Игровая комната Admire в Тивате

Igraonica Patuljak
Igraonica Patuljak in Sutomore
Playroom Aleksandar
The youngest guests may enjoy a children’s play centre with modern equipment, placed in Aleksandar Hotel, in the immediate vicinity to the development. An area of 150 m² will offer them fun in a hit children’s labyrinth and a baby corner intended for the youngest kids, with continuous supervision by friendly staff. The entry is free of charge for hotel guests. A special offer of the play centre is children’s birthday party arrangements. In the evening, various theme parties are organised: folklore evenings, salsa evenings, karaoke parties, etc.

The library of games and Development Center
Game room (games library) and Development Center is a unique place, where parents or guardians are free to take any of the educational games for children and return it after a certain lapse of time, similar to the rules of the book library. Also, children with their parents / guardians can participate in games, free thematic workshops and seminars. "Roditelji" association of Toy Libraries and Development Center is also engaged in the organization and support of the learning process, providing psychological and legal assistance for children and parents. Despite the fact, that first of all the work of the centre is focused on children from socially vulnerable families, the doors of the Center are open to all children of preschool and school age from all over Montenegro.
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Not all families can and want to go with their grandparents to rest, so that they look after the children, when parents need to go away on their business. Montenegro is very fond of children and they are very attentive and friendly towards them. Very often, sellers in stores just give small souvenirs to children or treat them with sweets. Of course, only with the consent of accompanying children of adults. But in general, the attitude towards the kids is very positive and calm. Even if a child cries or is upset, Montenegrins will never complain about it or express their displeasure.

In any large shopping center or amusement park in Montenegro, there are necessarily comfortable playrooms in which children can play under the supervision of professional animators. Rooms for children regularly come up with joint fun holidays and classes for children of all ages. It can be fun sports competitions or joint drawing of a huge picture, when each child draws their part, and then a big picture is drawn from them.

Children enjoy spending time in one of these game rooms. Near each of them there is the detailed information with the exact address, the schedule of work and contact telephones indicated.
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