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Babysitter Angelina
Babysitting service for Your kids! My namу is Angelina and I am 20 years old. I am responsible, attentive, reliable, cheerful. Know how to interest the child. Without harmful habits, I love children very much. ATTENTION! PRICE 5 EUROS FOR THE WHOLE DAY!! A SHORT TIME NEED TO BE DISCUSSED!! Kids play, read books, fed, put to bed, walk on the street... Have two years of experience with children from 4 months to 8 years. I think the nanny is first and foremost a love for children).  
Babysitter Сабелик Нина Федоровна
Няня, бебиситтер, помощница по дому. Наведу порядок в квартире (доме). Возможна работа в выходной день.

Babysitters for walking
Are pleased to offer, dear mom, a new service "Babysitters for walking" Who wants to visit the beauty salon, shops, restaurants or just stay in silence, but is unable to do so because of the baby, take advantage of our offer. Plan and do and the kids will be supervised!
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During the trip to Montenegro, the whole family in Montenegro, too, sometimes wants to be alone and relax without children or go on an excursion to places where children will definitely not be bored and uninteresting. Taking them with you means an extremely high probability of spoiling the trip and the mood for all family members. In addition, there are activities where children are simply not allowed - for example, concerts in nightclubs, discos, casinos, etc. What should we do? Look at the poster and do not go anywhere, because there is no one to leave the child with? This is not an option! In Montenegro, the service of nannies and baby-sitters is very developed, which can watch over your child for any time. The same applies to older people - they can also be attended by professional nurses during your absence.

The services of these assistants in Montenegro are very much in demand both among locals and among visiting tourists. This is especially true for families who have come to Montenegro for a long time. Many rent apartments for all summer months and at this time they may need the help of a competent nurse or nurse.

You do not want to hire the fist person you have met, because you give the most precious in life - you loved ones. In the section below you can get acquainted with people in advance, contact them by e-mail or by phone, ask for letters of recommendation and professional certificates. Thus, you can choose the right person who will help in solving many everyday issues.
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