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Children's playground in Budva
Children's playground in Budva

Children's playground. Budva. Zeleni Gaj
Children's playground. Budva. Zeleni Gaj
Playground Ship
The playground is located on the beach Kalardovo

Rope Park for kids and adults
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Adventure Park for adults and children located in the Lovcen National Park in area Ivanova trough, near the town of Cetinje. It consists of rope routes of varying difficulty, which are securely fixed between trees at a height of 1.5 meters above the ground and above. Adventure Park Lovcen is a series of air paths with different challenges designed for all ages and levels of physical fitness. Visitors of all ages from 5 to 70 years can enjoy our park. Each challenge takes from 30 to 50 minutes. Six tracks, ranging from yellow path for 5 + years at a height of 1.5 m and slopes of height up to 15 feet, are waiting for you to try your courage and endurance.TRAILS: Koala Trail (Yellow) 14 barrier, height to 1.5. This is our easiest trail for children 5 years old and includes a first descent on the ropes for the children. Spiderman Trail (Green) 15 obstacles up to 3.5 m in height. Where the right path starts climbing, long and fun descent on the rope, and much more! Cheetah Trail (Blue) 16 games to 6 m above the ground. Jump higher and higher! Includes downhill snowboarding. Minimum 15 years. Panther Trail (Red) 17 barriers for 18 years and older. Up to 11 m high, this is the greatest adventure. Prepare yourself for the...
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Montenegro is one of the most favorite destinations for families with children. Every year thousands of children bathe, get tanned and play on the local coast of the Adriatic Sea. In all the resort towns of Montenegro there is a huge amount of entertainment for children of all ages. On local playgrounds, children are always having fun, riding on slides and building houses from sand. Your children will be interested to play with children from different countries and meet new friends.

In Montenegro, all playgrounds for children are made at the highest level of quality and environmentally friendly materials, in compliance with all safety standards, so that children are not injured during the games.

Parents will be pleased to get to know in advance all the information about the playgrounds around the proposed resting place. During their vacation in Montenegro they will be able to visit different places, compare them and get a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions. Near each place the exact address is indicated, as well as a photo of the site. Thus, parents can know in advance what is expected them on the spot.
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