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MimikLab - laboratory magic events
Greetings! My name is Danila and I work in four genres of creating a holiday at your event: mime (pseudonym - mime Trempel), presenter, vocalist, aquagimer. I live in the city of Budva, but I leave for the event in any locality of Montenegro. Services in the genre Mime: 1. Original services: - Mime-mail, - mime-escort to the airport, - a photo story with a mime, - Juggling game lessons. 2. Festive services: - wedding programs, - birthdays, - anniversaries, 3. Business services - promotions, - exhibitions, presentations, - corporate programs, - Conference animation. The pantomime makes the invisible visible and the visible invisible. I really enjoy playing with imaginary subjects and improvising with guests. When their imagination wakes up, we play together in our funny games, juggle, dance, parody, and from this the holiday becomes brighter and more interesting. Services in the genre of the presenter: - holding children's parties, - mini disco, - Wedding ceremonies, - Wedding banquets, - holding festive banquets, - Teambuilding and corporate events. Services in the genre of the vocalist: - Vocal programs (for minus), - vocal programs in a duet with guitarist Konstantin Vaschenko (minus), - Vocal programs with ensemble...

Science shows mad Professor Nicolas
Licensed "Professor Nikola's show" has been gathering, entertaining and cheering up children and adults for 5 years throughout Russia and many other countries of the world. Simple and effective experiments from school physics and chemistry are at the heart of the show. The professional showmen make an unforgettable show. The show is indented for children above 5 and absolutely safe. All equipment is certified. Dear fellow citizens! This summer interactive science Professor Nikola's show is starting its activity within Europe, and Montenegro is going to be the first country!!! We are happy to offer our services for organizing and holding children events, such as birthdays, kid's show by tickets, open-air show. And programs for adults - wedding show, Anniversaries, interactive programs at the restaurants, etc. Show takes place around Montenegro with custom orders. Licensed "Professor Nikola's show" has been gathering, entertaining and cheering up children and adults during 5 years throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and even UAE. Simple and effective experiments from school physics and chemistry are at the heart of the show. The professional...
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Many families specifically plan their trip to Montenegro to celebrate the child's birthday there or their own. Some friends join in a big company to have fun celebrating this event outside their homeland. Very often, couples decide to play a wedding in Montenegro, collecting all their loved ones and relatives near the Adriatic Sea to celebrate this solemn day. Arranging a good holiday from afar is quite difficult, but nothing is impossible when you have the right contacts of proven professionals!

But it is so terrible to make a mistake in choosing and inviting the wrong person who cannot catch the atmosphere of the celebration, and the guests will start to be frankly bored and wait for the end of the evening, looking more and more often at the clock.

As a rule, the festival's scenario is discussed long before, so the organizers will be able to understand which presenter is suitable for a birthday or anniversary, and how many animators should be invited to a big children's birthday so that the children can have fun with their souls, and adults communicate with each other and relax.

In Montenegro, literally at every step nature itself created amazing places where you can hold any holiday and it will undoubtedly become a bright and unforgettable event in your life. The local people know how to have fun themselves, and entertain others. In this section you will find all the data and coordinates of the best and most responsible people - hosts, clowns, mimes and animators in Montenegro, who will do everything possible and impossible for your holiday to be held at the highest level.
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