Beach games for the youngest children
All parents are divided into two categories without exception. Some play with children on the beach and work hard to build fortresses. Others hope that the child will take care of himself. However, if the baby is bored, then he can demand in an ultimatum from you a joint entertainment. How to avoid child rebellion? Rambler.Travel offers 10 games on the beach, past field trials ... So, let's begin... 1. Catching up with the sea This game is suitable for children who themselves can not yet resist even a small wave. Take the child by the hand and first catch up with the wave when she rolls back, and then escapes from the wave when she returns. It is advisable to whimper at the same time.  2. Stone figures For the game you need to collect small and large pebbles and lay out on the sand portraits of father and mother, Jack's dog, alien, terrible monster, herringbone, ship and much more.  3. Beach Bowling For this game, you definitely need a ball and a few plastic bottles. You type with the baby or yourself in the bottle sand or water. Set and show how you need to shoot down the ball with the bowling pin. For the game, it's best to choose a remote location where you will not interfere with other people.  4. Sherlock...
Poisonous plants and dangerous animals of Montenegro.
Do you plan to spend summer in Montenegro? It means that you should know about poisonous plants and dangerous animals! Tell your children, relatives, close people and people you know. Oleander All parts of the plant are poisonous and contain a range of cardiac glycosides (Oleandrinum, Cornerine, etc.) Consumed sap of Oleander causes severe torminas, vomit, diarrhea, etc. It has also influence on nervous system (up to coma). Cardiac glycosides cause cardiac arrest. Oleander in blossom is so sweet-smelling, that being in room can cause a severe head ache and even faintness. Poisonous sap of Oleander causes blindness when gets to one's eyes. Oleander's poison keeps its properties even when the plant dies (for example, if you use dead branches of Oleander to set a fire during a picnic and use it for cooking).Ivy Ivy flowers have foul smell, berries and leaves are very toxic. They can cause skin diseases for those who have sensitive skin. Besides, it is highly dangerous to consume any parts of the plant for food.Cow parsnip During vegetation period, different parts of the plant (leaves, caulis, fruits) accumulate photodynamically active furocoumarins. In case of skin contact, it causes deep dermatitis classified by burn...

Rent of children's goods in Montenegro
Montenegro is an ideal place for family holidays! Nice environment, beautiful green nature, abundance of beaches for every taste, sunny warm climate. During your holiday you may require such necessary things as: baby carriage, baby's crib, bicycle, highchair, child safety seat and many other. All these goods you can rent - all things are clean, some new and prices affordable. +382 67 453 366 Galina
Reread before each summer swimming season...
My daughter drowned in 2 !!! meters away from me ... as if she were climbing the stairs, jerking my legs convulsively with ABSOLUTELY QUIET FACE! In 3 meters from the shore, although if she had gone under the water, she would have felt that 10 cm from her feet was the bottom! Something prompted me xthat she was drowning ... and I pushed her to the shore, where there were already tears and cry and awareness of what happened, but not happened ...It is necessary for everyone to know! The new captain jumped off the bridge, fully clothed, and swam quickly. As a former rescuer, he kept his eyes on the victim, heading straight for a couple of vacationers, floating between an anchored boat and a beach. "I suppose he thinks you're drowning," the man said to his wife. They played in the water, squirting at each other, and she cried out from time to time, but now they just stood on the sandy shallows around the neck in the water. "Everything is in order, what does he do?" She asked with some irritation. "We are all right!" - shouted her husband, waving the rescuer's hand, but the captain did not stop to stop. "Off the road!" He shouted, swimming between the amazed boat owners. Right behind them, just three meters from her father,...

Vacation with children in Montenegro
Airport Tivat
A trip to rest with the whole family is not only joy and great emotions for children and adults, but also the need to solve many specific problems and issues that are not familiar to tourists traveling alone or by adult companies. Small tourists demand not only increased attention to themselves from their parents, which, of course, depends heavily on their age, but they also force to prepare such a program of recreation and entertainment so that the whole family will enjoy the vacation. First, it is necessary to choose a suitable bit of a good coating, preferably sandy. Ideally, if it has special children's attractions, and the depth at a great distance from the shore is not very large. Required for increased water purity, the presence of the beach rescue service and all other infrastructure. At the same time, the crowded beach can also become a problem - many families with young children like solitude and the absence of large crowds of tourists. Secondly, it is necessary to clarify all issues of nutrition. Water and food should be quality and tasty, so that digestive problems do not become the main content of the upcoming holiday. Thirdly, it is necessary to think over a program of leisure, than the whole family will...
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When you're a mom or dad, you have to think through each of your moves and the child's actions a hundred steps forward, and also be prepared to any situation. This is especially important when you go abroad with your whole family. Montenegro is a beautiful and hospitable country, which is always pleasant to visit, however, if you trust the occasion and let all the issues settle down, you can face some unpleasant consequences, which risk spoiling the rest for everyone.

Before packing suitcases, it is highly advisable to get acquainted with the place where you plan to go: what kind of beach it is, whether it's convenient to go to the sea for young children, what infrastructure is around where you can eat, and where to run in case of any unforeseen emergencies. It is better to be prepared for everything, even if (which all sincerely hope), many of this knowledge will not be useful in practice.

Kids love to explore the world around them, but not always the environment is safe for their life and health. Poisonous plants grow in Montenegro, and some fruits do not threaten life, but can cause serious poisoning. In order not to get into this situation, it is better to know in advance the "enemy" in person, and also to explain to children that some flowers should not be touched.

Many families on the road need pretty bulky goods: highchairs, chaise lounges, cribs and much more. You can not take it with you, but buying on the spot is rather expensive. But in Montenegro there is a developed service for the rental of children's goods. There you can find everything you need and rent it out for the time of rest.

This section is constantly supplemented with various articles with useful and necessary information for tourists, so that their trip to Montenegro could be easy, effortless, without problems and remembered only by pleasant impressions and emotions.
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