Montenegro in winter

Fishing in Montenegro
Fishing in Montenegro is a type of active rest. Fishing (Montenegrin «пецанье») is a popular hobby, a type of active recreation, tourism and water sports that dozens, if not hundreds, millions of people around the world are engaged in. Depending on the object of fishing, the place of fishing and the season, people distinguish various types of fishing, using different tackle and equipment. Montenegro can offer all lovers of fishing, as well as for professional ones, excellent conditions and a huge variety of places for fishing. In Montenegro, fish live in almost all water bodies: in the Adriatic Sea, there are over forty species of fish and other deep-dwelling inhabitants (small shark, tuna, sea eel, mackerel, moray eels and many other fish), Lakes in the northern and central parts of the country are rich in bleak, salmon and carp, Rapid and clean mountain rivers are abundant with carp and trout. Even on the piers, next to the tourist-filled beaches, you can easily catch any representative of the water depths without much difficulty. Lifehack: You cannot fish on public and organized beaches in the summer from dawn to sunset. Fishing in Montenegro is a very popular type of...
Horse riding in Montenegro
Airport Tivat
Winter walks on horses in Montenegro. Riding in Montenegro in winter. Horse riding school. Since the moment when a person first tamed a horse, this animal is considered one of the noblest in the whole world. Earlier horses were mainly used for work or as a transport, and recently their unique energy was used for medical purposes. While communicating with these energetic, stately, graceful and devoted animals, a person releases negative thoughts, relaxes and receives a lot of positive emotions. Communication of a rider with a horse can be compared with a dialogue of two loyal friends, and a walk through the pure frosty air in a company of such a pleasant and agreeable companion - with a full psychotherapeutic session. Lifehack: Hippocrates advised riding on horses because this activity "frees you from dark thoughts and causes cheerful and clear ones"! Historical reference. For the first time the horse was under the saddle of a man in Asia; attributed this to one of the Scythian tribes. The Europeans borrowed this mode of transport from the Persians, mainly for military purposes, and immediately achieved great art in this respect; great popularity was used by the Thessalian and Thracian cavalry;...

Hunting in Montenegro
Airport Tivat
If you travel all over Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union, and no longer feel the adrenaline when hunting in your native forests, it’s time to try your hand in the European countries. Among them, in our opinion, one of the best options is friendly Montenegro:  First, the tourists from the former Soviet Union are always welcome here, Second, the country with visa-free regime, Third, hunting in Montenegro is unique because of compact arrangement of several climatic zones, variety of land and plenty of game. Weather conditions in Montenegro are comfortable enough for hunting. In autumn and winter, the thermometer is kept around 10 degrees above zero, practically not falling below 5 degrees. Of course, in mountains the temperature can be lower, it snows, but when hunting in the plains and on holiday in the town, you will feel the favorable warm climate. In autumn and winter, in the local forests and mountains a huge number of animals and birds inhabit there, and, believe me, the wild nature of Montenegro will be opened before you in all its glory.Hunting in Montenegro is a variety of both fauna and birds, as well as the surrounding nature. The proximity of the sea, relict forests, high plains, a...
Jeep Safari in Montenegro
Jeep trips around Montenegro. Jeep safari in Montenegro. Fans of active and extreme holidays! Here it is, rest in Montenegro specifically for you - jeep trips at any time of the year to different places in Montenegro! On maneuverable and high-speed jeeps, under the guidance of experienced guides and drivers, you will set off on a fabulous journey through Montenegro, overcoming along the way many obstacles: steep hills and descents, icy mountain streams, wood and stone blockages, impassable forest trails and impassable swamp bogs. Having risen to the height of the bird's flight, you can enjoy the fascinating views that open from the mountain peaks. During the trip you will feel like a real explorer-pioneer, and the purest healing mountain air will only strengthen your impressions. Winter trips on jeeps in Montenegro are shrouded in even greater mystery, filled with unforgettable natural beauties and literally imbued with a fairy tale. Jeep safari in Montenegro in the winter is a diverse and unforgettable trip on "off-road cars" throughout the territory of this mountainous country with incredibly picturesque nature. Most of the routes pass through unpopulated areas with pristine nature, which gives...

Mountaineering, rock-climbing in Montenegro
Climbing the mountain tops - mountaineering, and overcoming high and unapproachable rocks - rock climbing, are famous sports and outdoor activities, numbering more than one hundred years of history among millions of fans around the world. The sporting nature of mountaineering consists in overcoming the obstacles created by nature (height, relief, weather), on the way to the top. As a rule, only the arms and legs of a climber or a climber act as the main means for achieving the goal. The process of conquering the inaccessible mountain peaks has a high degree of attraction for numerous fans of this sport. It allows you to test the possibilities of your body in the most extreme conditions and enjoy magnificent and stunning panoramic views, inaccessible to most people. However, it should be noted that despite the seeming ease, mountaineering still requires serious physical and moral training and is not available for an ordinary tourist. Go to the top of the mountain with a minimum of equipment can only be a trained athlete. Mountaineering, rock climbing and mountain tracking in Montenegro. Most tourists suggest that rest in Montenegro offers only a magnificent tan, sun, sea and lots of water fun only in the...
Mounting Skiing resort Kolashin 1450
Dimensions of Kolasin exceed many world ski resorts. Its total length is 15 km. Ski slopes are located 8.5 km from the city Kolasin. During the day special tourist buses go there. There are always lots of snow in Kolasin ,so tracks are good with solid snow cover. In any case, the track is equipped by artificial snow machine, as well as many other modern European ski resorts. There is good lighting in Kolashin, which allows you to ski in the evening. There are two modern lifts on the slopes - for children and adults. Ski lovers have an opportunity to hire a professional instructor, highly qualified specialists with international experience. If you do not have skis and equipment, it is not a problem, you'll find all the necessary directly on the ski slopes. There are various options for accommodation in the town of Kolasin. A lot of positive feedback received four-star hotel "Bianca Resort & Spa" with the interior of stone and wood, and a spa complex, as well as small, with a good location in the center, three-star hotel "Hotel Cile". Also, you can always rent a flat or an apartment.  

Mounting Skiing resort Savin Kuk in Zhabljak
Mountain ski resort is located on the territory of the National Park Durmitor. Snow cover lasts for 120 days per year, starting December till the end of March, and reaches 40cm. The weather is fine with the temperature 2-8°C below zero. There are three main ski slopes: Savin Kuk with the length of 2500m, Stuoc - 2630m, Javorovaca - 800m. There is snow all year round in some regions of Durmitor, for example in Debeli Namet. There you can enjoy skiing even in summer. There are ski trails with different difficulty rating: sport, leisure, for beginners, for kids, and also snowboard trails and cross-country trails from 3 to 12 km. There are schools for the beginners, equipment rental, mine-rescue workers, first-aid station, ski-lifts, cafes, bars and restaurants. Some trails are equipped by electric lights, so you can ski in the evening.  
New year in Montenegro
Airport Tivat
В различных статьях на нашем сайте мы уже немало рассказали о том, где и как можно отдохнуть в Черногории в холодное время года. Но не стоит забывать, что именно зимой вся планета встречает Новый год, и в последнее время многие люди стремяться сделать это как можно интереснее и необычнее, отправившись в путешествие в другие страны и даже на другие материки именно в новогодние праздники.В это время года воздух насквозь пропитан атмосферой волшебства - яркие витрины с играющими огоньками гирлянд, запах мандарин, покрытые снежным покровом улицы, веселье, шампанское… Все эти ассоциации связывают людей с прекрасным и одним из самых значимых для многих стран мира праздником...

Rafting in Montenegro
Middle price Average bill: 60 €
White water rafting is a tourist or sports rafting on mountain rivers and artificial rowing canals on special 10-, 6-, 4- or 2-seater inflatable rafts, although sometimes wooden rafts are also used for this. Such a rafting, usually, is a water route with an abundance of rapids, shiver, ruts and waterfalls all the way. Rivers that have the opportunity for rafting are usually located in mountainous areas or in very raised terrain. As a consequence, such areas do not have infrastructure and are generally weak or not inhabited by people at all. On rough, rapids, rafts are used without a frame and oarlocks, and a canoe way of rowing is used (single-bladed paddle). In multi-day tours and for the transportation of expeditionary cargo, rafts are often used, reinforced with a stiffener frame with oarlocks for oars and a swinging rowing method is used. Also on the rafts with swinging oars often transport tourists who are unable or unwilling to row canoe oars. Rafts with swinging oars are operated on rivers of any complexity, up to the fifth. In world rafting, all routes are classified on a six-point scale: from the 1st to the 6th difficulty categories (kt). It is also possible to specify in the form of signs, for example:...
Snowmobiling in Montenegro
Airport Tivat
Черногория в настоящее время известна как туристическая страна на Балканах, предназначенная в основном для летнего отдыха. Своими роскошными и разнообразными пляжами, великолепным Адриатическим морем, жарким солнцем, потрясающей природой и огромным количеством исторических мест и достопримечательностей эта маленькая горная страна весной, летом и ранней осенью привлекает огромное количество туристов со всего мира. На страницах нашего сайта и в Приложении "Гид по Черногории" в Google Play мы стараемся подробно рассказать и показать, что помимо всего прочего, Черногория также обладает современными зимними горнолыжными курортами, невероятными горными пейзажами,...

Sports and entertainment complex Vučje
"Vučje" is the third largest ski resort in Montenegro, located 20 km from Niksic. The sports and entertainment complex "Vučje" welcomes guests during the year. In summer, lovers of pure nature, hiking and mountain bikes are resting here. In winter the center accomodates fans of mountain skiing. The ski resort "Vučje" offers ski equipment at the lowest prices - 10 euros for the whole day! For all visitors there is a 1200 m long track, two small 120 m tracks and a snowboard park for jumping. In addition, in the center there is a small hotel and a restaurant. In a three-star hotel, there are 104 places (rooms and apartments). All rooms are equipped with central heating, cable TV, a minibar and internet access. In the restaurant you can try dishes of national cuisine - meat, kachamak, donuts, pies, homemade bread, salads and many other dishes that will not leave you indifferent.  
Winter skiing in Montenegro
Airport Tivat
Зимние прогулки и походы на беговых (равнинных) лыжах в Черногории. Черногория - это страна не только с великолепными летними курортами, но и с не менее прекрасными местами для зимнего отдыха. Как правило считается, что лето даёт больший простор для спорта и развлечений, но это вовсе не так! Черногория зимой также является отличным местом как для спокойного семейного отдыха с детьми или для романтической путешествия вдвоём, так и для большой, веселой и дружной компании. Эта маленькая европейская страна, помимо обладания развитой инфраструктурой, приятным климатом и неописуемой красоты природой, в последнее время делает упор на развитие зимних видов спорта, досуга и...

Winter snowshoe Hiking in Montenegro
На территории Черногории расположено несколько национальных парков с красивейшими заповедными местами и с нетронутой природой. Летом по этим лесам здорово бродить с рюкзаком или прокатиться на велосипеде. А как же быть зимой? Ведь северные районы Черногории в это время года занесены снегом. Заповедные леса, бескрайние равнины и величественные горы украшенные снежными нарядами, сказочно прекрасны и удивительны… Но как же по ним ходить – увязая в сугробах? Конечно же нет! Зимние прогулки на снегоступах по Черногории - путешествие с новыми возможностями!Снегоступы - именно такое незамысловатое название имеют приспособления для легкой и быстрой ходьбы по глубокому...
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Among tourists, it is widely believed that it is better to visit European countries in summer. However, this does not apply to Montenegro, because this country is interesting and good for tourists in winter as well. After all, in winter time, all historical and architectural sights stand on their original place, while prices are significantly reduced, the influx of visitors comes down, and the climate pleases with its softness. In addition, there is a lot of snow in the mountains, which only helps lovers to ride on mountain skiing.

The most unpredictable season in Montenegro is winter. On the coast, tourists can walk in light jackets, and in the mountains in the north there can be several meters of snow. And even in spite of the fact that most of the guests of Montenegro prefer it in summer, the country "has something to offer" in winter. Due to its unique landscape, a winter tourist will never get bored here.

In the winter season you will be able to witness unique natural phenomena on the coast. Strong winds, stormy weather at sea. Lovers of unique photographs may like it. And in the mountainous and continental parts of the country Montenegro will be opened completely from the other side, the majestic mountains conquer with their beauty and offer a choice of any kind of winter sports, of which skiing and snowboarding are especially popular. At the resorts of Kolasin and Zabljak you can fully engage in these sports, and after enjoying inexpensive spa treatments or a swimming pool offered in a variety of hotels.

Lifehack: Be sure, check the weather before you plan your trip, every year is different, and it is believed that the ski season opens from mid-December to early January and lasts until the end of March. But nature can decide otherwise.

Montenegro in winter gives its guests amazing landscapes, from which it is impossible to takeo the eye off. Snow-capped mountains, overgrown with thick fir trees, and against their background there are scattered small houses - everyone who comes here feels like in a fairy-tale.

In winter, in Montenegro, the air temperature practically never drops below -10 ° C. As a rule, it ranges from -7 ° C to +5 ° C. In the daytime in sunny weather, the thermometer can even rise to +12 ° C; Snow here is a very common thing, in the winter months it rarely rains in mountainous areas, which cannot be said about the coast. In general, the weather may please even a resident of the Central European band, and a resident of Russia, accustomed to winter frosts - even more.

Snow in the mountains does not melt almost 6 months a year, so skiing is available for a long time. The abundant snowfalls for these places are extremely rare, and there is no need to worry about strong winds.

Ski holidays in winter in Montenegro.

The air in the mountains of Montenegro in the winter is amazingly clean and fresh, it literally "rings" with crystal clearness. You are unlikely to find a more environmentally friendly place to relax.

The most popular with skiers is the ski resort Zabljak (Durmitor), located 150 km north of Podgorica and the ski resort of Kolasin, which is located in the central part of Montenegro.

Zabljak is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, in which the plains and mountains, caves and lakes, forests and meadows are combined wonderfully. Durmitor wears the proud title of the National Park of Montenegro. Its resort part is located at an altitude of 1100 m and 1700 m above sea level. The height of the highest peak of the Bobotov Kuk is 2.5 km. From December to April, the thickness of the snow cover is 1.2 m. In Durmitor there are trails, both for beginners and for amateurs with experience. Each track has modern equipment. There are several ski lifts leading to the mountain peaks connected with the center of the resort - the town of Zabljak - by a bus network.

Montenegrins easily distinguish Zabljak and Kolasin and believe that Kolasin, better on infrastructure, even once inspired German journalist called the town "untouched Switzerland"; and Zhablyak is considered richer in nature. And even despite a clear division by local standards, both towns combine coziness, incredible landscapes, hospitality, and, of course, an extensive selection of winter entertainments.

And even if you are not a supporter of winter sports, you can also devote your free time to traveling around Montenegro and studying the beauty of nature. The lack of tourists, as well as low prices, will contribute to this. Romantic mountain lakes will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of beauty. And if you, for example, prefer fishing, then the mountain rivers of Zabljak will give you a rich choice of trout.

Lifehack: to visit Montenegro in winter is quite profitable, the prices for tickets and accommodation are 30% -40% cheaper than in summer.

Excursion vacation in winter in Montenegro.

An ideal holiday in Montenegro in winter is considered a combination of skiing pastime with sightseeing. To visit organized excursions or study historical and cultural sites on their own is especially good when the heat is not exhausting and there is not a large crowd of tourists around.

In Montenegro in winter, all the most notable cities are accessible:
  • Podgorica is the main city of the country in which monuments to Vladimir Vysotsky and Alexander Pushkin are erected;
  • Budva is the main tourist center of Montenegro, located in the central part of the Adriatic coast:
  • Kotor - a unique ancient city and amazing in its beauty the Bay of Kotor;
  • Tivat with the area of Porto Montenegro - insanely quiet and cozy town, located almost on a flat terrain, which is ideal for relaxing with young children;
  • Cetinje is a city-museum with historical sights and the mausoleum of Peter Njegos;
  • Herceg Novi is a popular city, which practically does not change with the end of the holiday season - and in winter and summer it is full of locals and tourists, since its location is economically advantageous; the mountain on which stands the church of St. Elijah, offers a stunning panorama of great part of Montenegro and neighboring Croatia.
Enjoy the winter Montenegro you will be able in the south-east of the country, where you can plunge, feel and even see its history in one of the main attractions, the historical and cultural capital of the country, the city-museum - Cetinje. The National Museum, princely and royal palaces, the faculties of the State University of Montenegro, the buildings of the 18th and early 20th centuries, the Orthodox churches, the Catholic Church of Anthony of Padua and the famous Cetinj Monastery, the City Library and the Njegos reading hall, and many other cultural values are presented here.

In good weather, do not leave the parks without attention, in Cetinje there are two, with a total area of 7 hectares. They are located on both sides of the famous Njegos street. The park of Njegos (formerly known as the Palace Park) was created in the French style, and the park of the thirteenth of July (bearing the name Voroshi or City Park) is in English. Both parks in 1968 were attributed to nature conservation facilities. After enjoying the capital, you can continue your journey to Njegusi village and get acquainted with the place where the great author of many poems lived, and, of course, the favorite lord of all Montenegrins, Peter II Petrovic Njegos.

In clear sunny weather, you can go down to the coast, walk along the quiet, not filled with tourists (and even locals) streets of "old" coastal towns or drink a cup of hot coffee or mulled wine on the terrace of a cozy restaurant overlooking the sea and breathe fresh sea air.

Whichever type of rest in winter Montenegro you choose, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed. The calm and slow atmosphere of these places helps to see more, to feel and understand more deeply. Such a trip will leave the brightest and most pleasant memories.

We hope that we have changed your opinion about the winter in Montenegro and you are sure to visit it in a beautiful "fresh" time, if you are one of those tourists who are convinced that in winter there is absolutely nothing to do in Montenegro.
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