Veterinary clinic "Kotorvet" was established in 2007 and works in accordance with the principles of good veterinary practice, whereby expertise, conscientiousness and care for patients is the first place. The ambulance is equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic devices. The KOTORVET Clinic is located on the main road Tivat - Budva, at the intersection Troica - Bigovo. In a natural environment, with secured parking and equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic devices such as ECG, ultrasound is supervised by Dr.vet.med by Nikola Truš with over twenty years of experience. We provide you with a complete veterinary service and when you contact us with confidence, our business practice is based on a professional and quality approach. Within the ambulance there is a veterinary pharmacy and five shops where you can find all necessary medicines, food and a complete range of equipment for your pets at the best prices. In five shops, you are exclusively doing professional work, from which you can seek advice about keeping, caring and raising your pets.
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Montenegro is an amazingly hospitable country, which gladly accepts tourists from all over the world. The same applies to our smaller brothers. Many tourists and travelers gladly take their pets with them, knowing full well that in case of any problems they will easily find a good veterinary clinic. Local Feel-Good doctors provide quality services at very affordable prices, so owners of cats, dogs and other animals confidently give them to the caring hands of professionals.

Pets in the same way can get unplanned diseas or injured during a trip, and they will need an urgent visit to the vet. Do not worry - in every area of ​​Montenegro there is a veterinary clinic that will certainly help your pet. Some of the private clinics are open around the clock, and by agreement with the administrators, the doctor can go to the house to conduct the necessary procedures.

Also in Montenegro, you can freely agree on routine vaccination of the animal. Doctors will necessarily specify all the necessary information about it from the vaccination passport, which is necessary for traveling around the world.

The personal card contains a description of the veterinary clinics in Montenegro with the exact address, contact numbers and email address. With a help of which it is possible to specify all interesting information about services and their cost.
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