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Beauty salon Sofia Med for many years hospitably opens doors for each client in the Montenegrin town of Bar. Dr.Natalya Shurayeva, PhD in cosmetology and physical medicine is the leading cosmetologist, chief executive and founder of SofiaMed Beauty Salon with 15 years of experience in beauty industry area! The Manager of the salon is a beautician, physical therapist, candidate of medical Sciences, doctor with 15 years of experience in industry, medicine and beauty. In our work we use only the most effective and proven technology and beauty brands, and our employees are real professionals of the highest level and skill. They regularly attend various training courses and medical seminars both in Montenegro and in other countries around the world.We have: - Massage (medical / cups) - Manicure, pedicure - the hairdresser - Facial cleansing / treatment - Physiatrist- beautician SofiaMed Beauty Salon in Bar guarantees the best quality of the beauty industry services in Montenegro!  Stop time with us!  
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On vacation, you want to relax completely, and without competent and professional massage it is almost impossible. In Montenegro, there are a lot of good masseurs who will help to get rid of the tightness in the muscles and the pain in the neck, back or joints. Local residents and many tourists regularly visit such salons. Especially those who by work have to lead a sedentary lifestyle in the office in front of the computer screen.

The local massage salons offer a variety of services: from traditional massages to Ayurvedic treatments. Customers can focus on a particular problem area - the neck, back or legs, or they can order a full body massage from the top to the heels. Even after one procedure from there you leave as if by a new, renewed person with a pleasant feeling of relaxation in the entire body.

However, many people know that a single session is usually not enough to achieve a sustainable effect, so in order to keep the result of procedures for a long time, it is better to go through a whole course of massage.

To get acquainted with the types of services provided, as well as the price list of each massage salon, you can visit our website and in the "Guide around Montenegro" app on Google Play. It also contains the exact address where the salon is located, its contact details and photographs.
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