Zecevic Dental clinic
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"Zecevic" dental clinic in Budva. Beautiful and healthy smile is an indication of a happy person. A full range of dental services. Tradition and quality are the trade mark of the clinic "zecevic" "Zecevic" is a recipe of your dazzling smile.
Center for Dental Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry
The Center for Dental Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry is the most modern center for dental medicine in this part of Montenegro. We are committed to providing highest standards of services and materials offered by us. Whether it is about an implant, a crown, or a total "smile make over", we guarantee an unsurpassed service. The prices at our clinic are just a fraction of the prices offered at the Italian and Russian market. If You travel abroad for dental treatment and are looking for an experienced clinic in Montenegro, licensed experts and lecturers at the European level in the field of dental implantology, orthodontics and esthetic dentistry, you are in the right place!Our clinic is founded in 2004, in the Hotel "Maestral" in Pržno, as the first Montenegrin clinic being a center for dental implantology and esthetic dentistry. The "Center for Dental Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry" started its operation in the year, in which the idea about dental tourism was born in Europe. We have a reputation for providing high-quality services, and we justify our reputation on every day basis. We offer the same warranties as any serious dental center in Europe does! Fair service, no tricks!Why you should choose us: - High...

Dental clinic Dentalux
Dental health facility “Dentalux” Tivat, exists as a dentist ordination for 25 years. To its customers, “Dentalux” offers first-class dental services using modern materials and techniques. Dental services are provided by Prof. dr Jasminka Anđelić, a specialist in jaw orthopedics, Master and Doctor of dental science, primarius.
Dental Studio Vucetic
Cosmetic dentistry, children's dentistry, chellyustno- facial surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, implants, crowns, veneers. High quality of service, attention to detail and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere are reason to visit a dentist clinic.

Vita-Dent dentistry
- dental treatment - filling - prosthetics - Ultrasonic cleaning teeth
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In Montenegro, dentistry is quite developed and dentists' services are represented practically in every city both in public polyclinics and in private clinics. Every year, the quality and professionalism of local dentists grow, while prices remain at a very democratic level. Some travelers agree in advance with certain clinics that they will soon arrive, and complex dental procedures will be necessary. The quality of the materials is excellent, and the price is much lower than the corresponding services in Europe.

Sometimes a tooth starts to ache all of a sudden during rest - an old filling has flown out, the tooth canal has inflamed or a tooth has broken off from an unsuccessful bite of solid food. With none of these problems, rest on is impossible and sometimes just unbearable. An urgent visit to the dentist is inevitable. But do not worry - in Montenegro, in almost every city there is a good dentistry, which will help to heal or remove the tooth, change the filling, and if necessary, put the crown. Montenegrin dentists in this sense are very quick workers, and it's not necessary to wait for the manufacture of the crown for a long time.

Travelers should not worry about the safety and quality of the materials used - everything is done at the highest level, so that the client is satisfied.

Description with photos, mode of operation, as well as addresses of local dental clinics are presented in this list. By these phone numbers, you can contact the administrators of the dentistry if there are additional questions.
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