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Any woman and many men in her life at least once turned to the specialists of the studio or workshop for tailoring and repairing clothes for help. This is not surprising: only the master is able to perform most of the work on altering or improving the appearance of the thing.  To whom and in what cases are such services required for repair of clothing? Our main clients are as a rule: Holders of a non-standard figure, which is difficult to pick up the finished product in the store. You will be helped to change the line of the neck, make the necessary changes in the cut of the purchased item for each specific case and customer. People whose employment does not allow them to buy themselves a new thing every time, if possible, repair old, especially if the thing is vintage or from a famous designer. Replacement of zippers, accessories, lining, both completely and partially often saves the favorite and rare thing of your wardrobe. Those who prefer individuality in clothing (even in decoration or furniture). Machine and hand embroidery will make a simple product original, and skillful work with lace and braid will add sophistication. People whose abundance does not give the opportunity to often buy new things. In this...
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 Ateliers and workshops for the repair and tailoring of clothes of any complexity in Montenegro at a short time. This list contains only the best ateliers of clothes in the cities of Montenegro - a full description and photos, addresses and directions on the map, services and pricing information, ratings and reviews. All kinds of companies, making tailoring and restoration of clothes in Montenegro provide their customers with a variety of services: the restoration of knitwear, artistic darning, cutting out/ fitting to a figure, etc. in textiles, fur and knitwear. In these workshops you can also quickly correct the defects of cutting, mend holes seamlessly, sew on a torn off button, replace the lining, repair a hemline or replace a zipper. An urgent mending is getting popular nowadays, which allows to get the repaired thing as soon as possible - and this service is also available in many studios of Montenegro. There is no difficulty to find the best option according to number of services, quality and price! Please contact our ateliers and they will give a new life to your favorite clothes!
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