The leader of the Russian group "Corrosion of metals" Sergei "Spider" Troitsky hope for a fast release of the Montenegrin prison.

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The leader of the Russian group "metal Corrosion" Sergei "Spider" Troitsky hope for a fast release of the Montenegrin prison where he is charged with damage of property. The musician gets the best care possible, reported RIA Novosti his daughter Catherine Trinity.

 "In Montenegro I do all the necessary procedures that may be needed and required for trial. Communicate with representatives of the Russian Consulate, lawyer, translators. Once a week I am allowed a visit to the father, we have already met two times in the last two weeks," — said Catherine, and expressed special thanks to the staff of the Consulate.

 According to her, she possibly brings to the father permitted foods, delicacies, warm clothes, reading material. In addition, according to Catherine, her long stay in Montenegro was made possible with the support of fans and moms Zhanna Vasilyevna (ex-wife of Sergei Troitsky). "Father immensely grateful to them and gave a huge Hello, wanted courage," said the daughter of a musician. She noted that the musician himself he was in good spirits, believing in the imminent release.

 The trial of Trinity will begin on Monday in the town of Bar. Musician denies guilt. His daughter is in Montenegro for the second week and, according to her, intends to remain in the country until the date of father's return home.

 The incident, which, as expected, involved the Trinity, took place on 3 September in the resort town Sutomore, when the house is owned by a Russian citizen with the initials E. K., there was a fire. According to preliminary information, the cause was arson. The evening of the same day, the Montenegrin police was removed from train on Belgrade Sergei Troitsky, who was named the Prime suspect in the incident. Since then, the Russian musician is under arrest. According to the article, Trinity sane, he faces up to five years of imprisonment.
Source: © RIA Novosti, Photo: Alexander Kryazhev

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