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The sunny weather observed in the Montenegrin town of Tivat on the first day of the new 2019 served as an excellent occasion for the first New Year swimming in Tivat Bay to a tourist from Serbia, who, as if, was not at all cold.

The first bather who decided to swim in the sea on the first day of the new year and gave himself a new year bathing was a guest of the Palma Hotel, a resident of the Serbian city of Prokuplje, Boyan Markovic, who was vacationing with his family and friends in Tivat. He went to the sea gradually, but in a good rhythm, saying at the same time that today the water is warmer than on the same day last year, when he bathed on the Mogren beach. He swam along the town beach, and in a few minutes another swimmer joined him.

“The sea is perfect for winter swimming. I opened the swimming season in Tivat and Montenegro, as well as in Serbia, in all countries of the Balkan region and, possibly, in the whole of Europe. For several years we came to Montenegro and rested only in the city of Budva, this is our first visit to Tivat. On the coast of Montenegro is very beautiful, the residents are friendly towards tourists from other countries, here we feel at home and, of course, we will come here for the holidays. We met the New Year at the hotel and about half past night we went for a walk on the Pine city quay. It was very festive and unusual both in the hotel itself and on the embankment - Zelko sings phenomenally and we hope that we will spend a wonderful night with Lep Bren. Our children are resting in Budva and they had a great time last night with Dino Merlin,” said Boyan Markovic.

It should be noted that the New Year swimming of adults in the Tivat Bay was accompanied by the joyful laughter of children who at that time were playing on the beach.

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