From next season on the embankment of Budva there will be no discos and fast food stalls

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According to the program on the demolition of temporary structures located in the marine property zone of the municipality of Budva, starting from the next season there will no longer be any discos and fast food stalls on the embankment of the resort town of Budva.

Despite the fact that managing the sea coast of Montenegro, JP Morsko Dobro proposed to save up to 2020 six open discos: Maltez, Trokadero, Ambinete, Paris, Rafaelo and Majami, which are located on the embankment of Budva, to make a planned decision for designing the embankment, the Ministry of Montenegro’s sustainable development and tourism have other plans in this regard.

Due to the constantly growing costs and problems arising from the large number of seasonal temporary facilities located in the maritime property zones of JP Morsko Dobro, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, to the extent possible, limited the deployment of new temporary facilities on the Budva embankment.

“A large number of temporary seasonal objects, namely, stalls, entertainment places and fast food kiosks, can be described as“ inappropriate ”due to their lack of functionality to provide quality services, ensure proper catering, trade, and the like. And also because they very often interfere with the normal movement of pedestrians, close the view of the bay and the sea and do not fit into the general atmosphere. One of the biggest negative aspects of these structures is precisely the low level of their design and integration into the environment, and, as such, they have a very negative impact on the city,” the Temporary Facilities Program in the coastal zone of Montenegro says.

In addition, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro indicated in the document that it is also forbidden to place any kind of mobile structure and grill on the upper and lower embankments in the city of Budva. This means that a large number of kiosks with fast food, which are now located on the embankment and have disfigured this part of the city, will no longer exist from next season.

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