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This week was presented a design project of a new bus station in the village of Igalo, which is located on the coast of the bay of Kotor not far from the popular tourist resort town of Herceg Novi.

The new bus station, the construction of which the Herceg Novi municipality plans in the Šišta district, will be the next step for the development of this region and the improvement of the quality of life of citizens both in Igalo and in the neighboring large city of Herceg Novi. In the finished conceptual project made by Grad Studio and recently presented by the heads of the local administration, the place and area of ​​construction, the internal content and appearance of the new modern bus station are defined.

The new bus station with all the additional facilities and related amenities will occupy an area of ​​almost 30 thousand square meters. meters It is designed as a complete functional object, on the territory of which the main terminal, a one-story business and commercial building, a parking space for buses, an access road with appropriate parking for visitors, and a building for attendants with parking will be built. It should be noted that it will be three multifunctional and technologically separate objects. The preliminary project envisages the organization of a total of 326 parking spaces (99 above-ground and 227 underground).

According to this project, the bus station and all additional facilities will be built in three stages. At the first stage, it is planned to build a bus station with an accompanying business space. At the next two stages, the construction of the remaining business facilities and the corresponding technical premises, as well as the building of the shopping center will be carried out. As a prerequisite for the implementation of the I stage of the construction of a new bus station in Igalo, the infrastructure of access roads, including the intersection with the Adriatic highway, all access roads and parking in front of the main terminal building, will initially be created.

In the budget for 2019, Herceg Novi Municipality has planned 1 million euros for the construction of a new bus station in Igalo. The goal of the local government is that in 2020 the city should receive a new representative object of transport infrastructure in Montenegro, which will become the basis for the further development of the settlement of Igalo, and hence the city of Herceg Novi.

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