74 centimeters of snow fell in Zabljak, 6 cm in Podgorica

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This morning, almost the entire territory of Montenegro is covered with snow, most of which is located near the town and the ski resort of Zabljak, where the snow cover reached 74 centimeters.

According to the Hydrometeorological Institute of Montenegro, 64 centimeters of snow were recorded in Kolasin today, 57 centimeters in Cetinje, 55 centimeters in snow, 55 centimeters of snow in Rozaje and the height of snow cover in Andrijevice reached 48 centimeters. In the city of Plav, 45 cm of snow fell, in Shavnik - 41 cm, the height of the snow cover in Berane was 38 cm, in Plevlja 36 cm and 35 cm in Bijelo Polje. The height of the snow cover in Niksic was fixed at around 30 centimeters, and in Pluzhine 25 cm of snow fell. In addition, the snow also fell in the capital of Montenegro - the city of Podgorica, where 3 centimeters of snow were measured.

Today, Montenegro is expected to normalize weather conditions, namely, in the southern and central regions of the country will be mostly sunny and without precipitation, with gusts of wind from light to moderate, in the north - partly cloudy and light snow.

In Podgorica, it will be sunny in the afternoon, the wind will be northeast and mostly weak. In the morning, the air temperature in the capital of Montenegro will be around zero degrees Celsius, and the maximum daily temperature will reach 6 ° C.

In the morning, the average air temperature in Montenegro will be from -10 to +3 ° C, the maximum daily temperature in the country will reach values ​​from -7 to +9 degrees Celsius.

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