The observation deck is organized on the Nivicky road in Herceg Novi

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This week, all work was completed on the organization of an observation platform on the Nivicky road leading from the city of Herceg Novi to the Montenegrin border with Croatia. It is also worth noting that the Agency for Construction and Development of the city of Herceg Novi in ​​the future also provides for the organization of parking lots, which will be located on the other side of the road opposite the observation deck. The construction of a parking lot can last from one to one and a half months, and this work, as well as the arrangement of other observation platforms, pedestrian walkways and stairs located on this road, are less significant, but necessary and equally important investments for the development of the region.

As the director of the Construction and Development Agency, Boro Lucic, said, there are still many places in Herceg Novi and its surroundings that need to be improved and reconstructed, so any small or large investments are necessary and equally important.

“We have completed the arrangement of the observation deck on the Nivica road in a timely manner. This is a new holiday destination for our fellow citizens, as well as for all those tourists who come to Montenegro from the border with Croatia. At the moment we have completed the design of the pedestrian sidewalk Bijela - Kamenari, we are still working on the arrangement of the stairs of Yova Dabovich, and we also have a lot of new ideas with which we are entering the new year, ”said B. Lučić.

The organization of a viewing platform on Nivitcky road included such works as: the whole area was cleared of weeds, along the embankment they installed fences that ensure safety, but not overlapping the view of the bay, brought sand and gravel, a fountain with water was installed, and also a sign "I love Herceg Novi" (I love Herceg Novi).

“When the weather conditions allow, we will start planting flowers, and we will also start working on organizing parking lots on the other side of the road. We will also install additional lighting, ”announced Boro Lucic.

The observation deck on the Nivitsky road cost about 15 thousand euros.

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