The city of Kotor is nominated for the title of the best European direction in 2019

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The tourism organization (TO) of the city of Kotor reported that the European organization European Best Destinations, which promotes culture and tourism in Europe, nominated the city of Kotor for the title of the best European destination in 2019. This decision was made after the positive results achieved by the city of Kotor in 2018 in the competition "EUROPEAN BEST DESTINATION 2018".

For the title of the best tourist destination in 2019, the Montenegrin city of Kotor competes with European cities such as Brussels, Budapest, Malaga, Bratislava, Vienna, Poznan, Prague, Berlin, Geneva, London, Metz, Monte Isola, Riga, Paris, Dinant, Florence, Cavtat, St. Maxim and Athens.

European Best Destinations (EBD) is an organization based in the Belgian city of Brussels, which role is to promote culture and tourism in Europe, in partnership with more than 300 different travel agencies and the EDEN network created by the European Commission, as well as to understand better the potential of European travel destinations. The website of the organization is the most visited European tourism website for the sixth consecutive year, Kotor reports.

It is worth noting that in 2018, in the EUROPEAN BEST DESTINATION competition, the city of Kotor took 12th place, overtaking such popular European tourist centers as Paris, Vienna and Amsterdam, while the Polish city of Wroclaw took the first place. Nomination and participation in this prestigious competition of the only city of Montenegro is the result of constant promotion and communication of the tourism organization of Kotor with many European companies and organizations.

Voting will last from January 15 to February 15, and it is possible to vote from one IP address only once.

You can also vote for the best European direction in 2019 by clicking on this link

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