Montenegrin passport takes 45th place in the world passport rating

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Montenegrin passport takes 45th place in the world passport rating, which shows the ability of citizens to visit other countries without a visa. This World Passport Index is annually compiled by the international consulting company Henley & Partners, and since 2018 the rating is updated several times a year.

At the beginning of 2019, Montenegro's passport took 45th place out of 104, since at the moment Montenegrins can visit 123 countries of the world without a visa. It is also worth noting that, compared with last year, Montenegro fell by two positions.

Among countries in the past that are part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia ranked highest in the world passport rankings, namely, in 11th place, along with such countries as Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia, whose citizens can travel without a visa to 180 countries of the world.

According to the Henley & Partners Passport Index, citizens of Serbia can travel to 129 countries without a visa, thanks to which Serbia shares 40th place with the Pacific state of Vanuatu. Croatia, with 168 countries to which its citizens can travel without visas, is located on the 20th place, along with Andorra and San Marino. In this ranking of world passports, Macedonia is in 43rd place with 125 countries, and Bosnia and Herzegovina is in 49th place, as the owner of a passport in this Balkan country can travel without a visa to 118 countries. Albania occupies the 50th place with 115 countries, and the owner of a Kosovo passport can travel to 44 countries, making Kosovo at the 94th place.

Bulgaria and Romania are in 19th place with 169 countries to which their citizens can travel without a visa, Russia is in 48th place (119 countries).

The first place in the World Passport Index is taken by Japan, which citizens can visit 190 countries without a visa. Singapore and South Korea are in second place with 189 countries. The third place in the ranking is shared by France and Germany with 188 countries, followed by Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden, whose citizens are given the opportunity of visa-free or simplified entry to 187 countries of the world.

The first 10 of the World Passport Ratings consists of 20 countries, mainly members of the European Union, as well as Norway, USA, Australia, Iceland and New Zealand.

The last, 104th place in the Henley & Partners ranking is occupied by Afghanistan and Iraq, which citizens can travel without visas to 30 countries of the world. It is also worth noting that above them are such countries of the world as Eritrea, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria.

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