In the north of Montenegro in Shavnik more than one meter of snow fell

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In recent days, a blizzard raged in the northernmost municipality of Montenegro - Shavnik, which, according to the deputy head of the local government Vlatko Vukovich, further hampered the clearing of local roads from snow, writes the daily newspaper Dnevne novine.

“Despite the constantly falling snow and wind, we manage to maintain cross-country traffic. At the moment, all our cleaning machines and other snowplows are on the roads and we hope that by the evening all roads will be cleared of snow. It is also worth noting that 90 percent of the roads have already been cleared, ” said V. Vukovich.

Because of the constant snowfall, there is no access to the two villages located in the municipality of Shavnik, namely Struga and Malinsko. However, the authorities claim that today until the end of the day this issue will be resolved.

At present, the snow cover in the town of Shavnik is about 50 centimeters, and in some villages and districts of the municipality more than 90 centimeters of snow fell. Vlatko Vukovich also said that due to strong snowstorms, the length of snow blockages on some sections of the road is more than five meters. Moreover, he added that so far they have not asked for help from the authorities of the country, but this does not mean that they will not need help in the coming days, given that Montenegrin meteorologists report new precipitation.

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