Ski center Cmiljača will be built by 2022

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The head of the municipality of Bijelo Polje, Petar Smolović, said that the construction of the ski center Cmiljača in Belasitsa, worth 23 million euros, should be completed by 2022.

At the meeting of the local parliament, Petar Smolovich informed that the construction of the ski resort Cmiljača will be implemented in two stages.

The first, reportedly, includes the construction of road infrastructure, basic facilities with appropriate utilities, parking zones, electricity, lifting mechanisms, hydraulic and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as laying about three kilometers of ski slopes and the acquisition of necessary equipment and machinery. The planned completion of the I-th stage - 2020.

The second phase of this project includes organizational work, debugging of all mechanisms, as well as the installation of equipment for artificial snowmaking of ski slopes. The planned completion of the II stage of construction of the ski center Cmiljača - 2022.

“On the territory of the Cmiljača ski center, a ski slope with a length of 1,140 meters, a cable car with lifts for seven seats and with a capacity of 2,600 skiers per hour will be created, and three kilometers of various ski slopes with an average width of 40 meters will be laid,” said Petar Smolovich

According to preliminary data, the total construction cost of the ski resort Cmiljača in Belasitsa will amount to 7,988,000 euros.

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