In Podgorica the action «Bike at half price» launches

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As part of a social project called “Podgorica on two wheels”, the authorities of the capital of Montenegro, the city of Podgorica, announced the start of a competition among citizens of the city, the winners of which will be able to buy a bicycle with a 50% discount.

The first 100 citizens of Podgorica, 50 men and 50 women, who in the next 15 days will provide all the necessary documentation, will be eligible to participate in this project.

“The selection procedure itself begins with the registration of citizens, namely the first 100 residents of the capital, of whom 50 men and 50 women, in order to level the places by gender, submit an application and submit a completed standard form (application) for participation in the project. Participants must also provide a copy of their ID and a preliminary invoice with the exact specification of the bike to be bought. Further, all received applications will be considered and the winners for subsidies will be determined, ”explained the deputy mayor of Podgorica, Slajan Vujačić.

She also added that after signing a contract for a subsidy and buying a bicycle, citizens of Podgorica will have to provide an invoice with the exact specification of the bike purchased and a fiscal receipt. Within 15 days after the submission of all documents, participants will be paid cash, 50% of the cost of the bike, to their bank account.

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