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In the atlas of Montenegrin beaches and bathing areas, approved by the government of the country, 12 different types of beaches are defined depending on the destination: hotel (hotel), city (without beach equipment), family, romantic, for active recreation, for entertainment and beach parties, for recreation with children, excursion (for tourists), for recreation, natural healing and health, for bathing of dogs and nudist.

The hotel beach (hotels) is a well-equipped beach area, which is managed exclusively by 4-star and 5-star hotels. Five-star hotels (large hotels), which are built and operate to the highest standards, for greater comfort, as a rule, set a 15m² sun awning on the beach.

A city beach without beach equipment is a public beach on which it is prohibited to install commercial beach accessories - umbrellas and deck chairs, i.e. for income from their rental. On this beach it is forbidden to organize the rental of beach equipment: umbrellas and sun loungers.

The family beach is a public, equipped and enclosed bathing place, which must be equipped and organized in accordance with certain Rules on the organization of public beaches in Montenegro.

The beach for active recreation is designed for sports and outdoor activities both on the beach and the sea. Based on the types of activity, these beaches and swimming areas are further divided into three subspecies: sports, recreational (adrenaline), as well as for diving, kite and windsurfing. For each subtype, special conditions of organization are provided. It was stressed that licensed instructors must be present on these beaches to practice this or that sport.

Beaches for entertainment and parties are organized in isolated coastal areas, as well as in those areas where noise does not affect the environment and it is possible to organize and conduct a musical or any other entertainment event within 24 hours. On this beach there should be a board with information about the places for swimming, information about the sea boundaries for swimming and information about the safety of the swimmers. Also on the beach should be installed containers for collecting debris and waste, showers, toilets, changing rooms, mobile waste baskets and collectors, as well as, if possible, there should be a rescue service: a rescuer, a tower for rescuers, signal flags, rescue equipment, boat.

Such beaches are located in the following places: Platamuni, Solila - Obala Đuraševića, Velja Spila - Oblatno - Lustica, Kamenovo.

Romantic beaches are special public or private beach areas, on the territory of which all kinds of celebrations and special celebrations are organized and held: weddings, anniversaries, family celebrations.

Romantic beaches are located in the following locations: Žanjice, Jaz, Žuta greda, Ostrvo Sveti Nikola, Reževići-Perazića do -Crvena stijena), Petrovac-Bršalj, Žutokrloca-šuma Lekovića, Stari grad Ulcinj, Velika plaža

The beach for children's activities requires a constant presence and control by the caregiver. This beach prohibits the commercial rental of beach equipment - umbrellas and sun beds.

A beach with natural healing and health functions implies the presence of natural healing factors: therapeutic mud, mineral water, etc., which have a certificate of quality. There are professional staff in these bathing sites to monitor the use of these medical means.

Excursion beach is a public bathing place, which is not accessible from the coast (or it has very limited access), and you can only get there from the sea.

A bathing place for dogs is an accessible place for relaxing and swimming people with their pets (dogs).

A nudist beach is a special beach resort that, in addition to its own rules of use and behavior, includes controlled and limited access to the recreation and bathing area.

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