Austro-Hungarian fortress Arza and the beach are for sale

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On the website of the Freš real estate agency for the sale and rental of real estate, an advertisement was placed for the sale of the Austro-Hungarian fortress of Arza with land and beach, which is located on the Lustica peninsula in Montenegro. The ad, which Realitika Real Estate Agency also posted on its website, states that this piece of land on the Lustica peninsula is for sale for construction, and its total area is 107,858 m2, including its own beach of 5,690 m2 and the ancient Austro-Hungarian fortress Arza with an area of ​​1,455 m2.

This land plot is located on the Lustica peninsula at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and has direct access to the Adriatic Sea and its own beach. The site indicated that the price is negotiable.

The announcement of the sale of the land plot along with the fortress Arza very quickly spread on social networks and caused the disapproval and outrage of many citizens, residents of the Bay of Kotor and all of Montenegro, Radio Herceg Novi reports.

However, it is worth noting that this is not the first sale of this historic place. Recall that in 2005, Joint Stock Commercial Bank Trejd Junik Crna Gora from Budva and the company RCG Invest Herceg Novi sold the Austro-Hungarian fortress Arza to a Russian-Montenegrin-Serbian consortium for 4.5 million euros. Immediately after the purchase, the new owners banned travel on the territory, and also closed access to the beach, the bay and the Arza fortress. The whole territory was enclosed with barbed wire, a “private property” information board was installed, and all the land purchased was monitored around the clock by private security.

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