Montenegro ranks 67th in the world (out of 180) in terms of the perception of corruption

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There is a direct and rather alarming relationship between corruption and democracy, and countries with high levels of corruption have weaker democratic institutions and political rights - as shown by the new Corruption Perception Index) of 2018, which was presented by the international non-governmental anti-corruption organization Transparency International , Ti.

In this Corruption Perceptions Index (eng. Corruption Perceptions Index, CPI), Montenegro with the index of 45 is among the 180 countries of the world, along with Greece and Senegal, located in 67th place. The rating of the level of perception of corruption is compiled annually, starting in 1995, and the scale of the rating of corruption starts from 0 (very corrupt) and reaches 100 (crystal clear from corruption)

A year ago, Montenegro scored 46 points out of 100 possible perceptions of the Corruption Perception Index and ranked 64th in the ranking of corruption among 180 countries of the world.

Among the countries of the Balkan region in this ranking of perceptions of corruption in 2018, Slovenia ranks 36th, Croatia - 60th, Serbia - 87th, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in 89th place, Macedonia and Kosovo share 93rd position, and Albania located on the 99th place.

It is also worth noting that Montenegro’s Corruption Perceptions Index is higher than the world average. Montenegro belongs to the regions of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where only one country has a Corruption Perception Index of more than 50 and this is Georgia, and all other states scored 45 points or less.

Denmark, with an 88-point corruption perception index, ranks first and is the least corrupt country in the world. After her settled such countries as: New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Holland, Canada and Luxembourg. At the bottom of the list, at 178-180 places, are located South Sudan with an index of 13, Syria - 13 and Somalia with a Corruption Perception Index of 10 points.

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