The restoration of the gate in the Old Town of Budva begins

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The municipality of Budva began the reconstruction and restoration of the ancient gate, which is located at the entrance to the Old Town of Budva. At the first stage, the two main gates, the Main Gate (Velja vrata) and the Pisa Gate (Vrata od Pizane), will be restored.

“The contractor is the Tivat-based company Projektor, which is already recognized as a company that participates in many significant and conservation projects for the restoration of various historical landmarks and cultural monuments, and also has a professional and multidisciplinary team of executants. That is why we are confident that this work on the restoration of the fortress gates will be performed by them properly, as well as under the supervision of the Montenegrin Department for the Protection of Cultural Property”, - said the Secretary for Communal Services, Srdjan Gregovic.

The aforementioned company Projektor won a public tender, giving the municipality of Budva the most advantageous proposal for the reconstruction of two gates, with a total value of EUR 13,226.15.

“In 2019, we also budgeted € 25,000, which will be allocated for the implementation of this project for the reconstruction of all the fortress gates in the Old Town of Budva. So immediately after the government procurement plan comes into force, and this is around mid-February, we will announce a new open tender, which involves the restoration of the remaining six fortress gates”, - said Srdjan Gregovich.

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