On the territory of the municipality of Tivat in Montenegro, repairs are underway totaling 4.37 million euros

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At the present time, repairs are being carried out on the territory of the municipality of Tivat for a total amount of 4.37 million euros.

176 000 euros spent on the reconstruction and adaptation of the summer palace Bucha (Buća) - the summer residence of the famous in the 17th century and notable Kotor family Bucha, which played a significant role in the history of Montenegro. Summer Palace Bucha is a palace complex, surrounded by a wall and includes a residential building, a church, a defensive tower and a garden. It is located in the center of Tivat, almost on the embankment itself, and is now used as a museum and gallery of the city of Tivat. In addition, 365 thousand euros were allocated for the reconstruction of the Tivat Culture Center building. On the Lustica peninsula, the construction of the MR1 road continues, which cost the city 2.98 million euros, and the reconstruction of the Lungo Mara embankment in the town of Krasici to the amount of 747 thousand euros.

The municipality of Tivat also announced tenders totaling 665 thousand euros, of which 390 thousand euros were allocated to the first stage of the construction of a center for disabled children in the village of Seljanovo and 200 thousand euros to go to the seabed in the port of Kalimani. It is planned to spend 40 thousand euros to expand the street lighting areas in the municipality of Tivat, while the purchase of a multimedia conference system will cost 35 thousand euros.

Tenders worth 2.3 million euros are also under preparation, of which 700 thousand euros will be spent on asphalting local roads, half a million euros will be spent on the second phase of the construction of the Belani embankment and 550 thousand euros allocated for the second phase of the construction of the center for disabled children. 120 thousand euros will be allocated for the restoration of sidewalks and footpaths, as well as for the construction of support walls in the village of Gornja Lastva, 180 thousand euros will be spent on the construction of an atmospheric sewage system in the Seljanovo district and 90 thousand euros will be allocated for asphalting of streets number 9 and Number 10 in the same Seljanovo.

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