The possibility of installing speed cameras on the roads of Montenegro

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The Council on Civilian Control over the Work of the Police called upon the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) of Montenegro and the Government of Montenegro to consider the possibility of introducing automatic speed cameras (speed radars) that can be installed on Montenegrin roads on the basis of public-private partnership.

The Council also reports that the Montenegrin Police Department informed them that the installation of stationary radar systems for automatic fixation of speeding was provided for in 2019, namely in the third and fourth quarters, and that the implementation of this large-scale project has not yet been determined, since It directly depends on the available finance.

“Discussing this issue, the Council on civilian control over the work of the police in Montenegro noted that this project had already been postponed for several years and there is no certainty that it will be implemented this year. According to preliminary estimates of the Council, the installation of automatic speed cameras on the roads of Montenegrin and the constant functioning of the entire tracking, monitoring and control system will significantly improve road safety and the overall situation on roads in Montenegro, as well as improve the culture among road users. This system will significantly increase the number of registered offenses on the roads compared to conventional methods of controlling the speed of traffic, and should also help reduce the cost of traffic police,” the Council on Civil Control said.

Noting that it is not very good for the country to postpone this kind of investment for years, the Council on Civil Control over the Police’s work decided to propose that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro and the Government of Montenegro consider introducing stationary automatic devices to control vehicle speed based on partnership between the state and private companies.

“We call for the Montenegrin authorities to more carefully consider the issue of attracting private capital to this project, which is of great interest to society, in order to speed up its implementation, reduce the burden on the state budget, and maintain a significant share of the initial revenues from fines for the state and ensure improvement of services and reduction of costs for the operation and maintenance of this system, ”the Council on Civilian Control over the Police in Montenegro said.

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