205,000 euros allocated for the reconstruction of playgrounds in Montenegro

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The Ministry of Sport and Youth of Montenegro in the near future will invest 205,000 euros in the repair, reconstruction and modernization of sports and children's playgrounds in several Montenegrin cities.

After recently reconstructed the playground and football field in the elementary school after Maxim Gorky in Podgorica, the Minister of Sport and Youth, Nikolay Yanovich, said that now, in various cities of Montenegro, seven more new sports and playgrounds are under construction. According to him, we are talking about the construction of an open football field in the cities of Bar and Plevlja, as well as sports fields at the Njegoš school in Cetinje, at the Mileva Lajović Lalatović elementary school in Nikšić, at the secondary vocational school in Bijelo Field and in elementary schools Oktoih and Štampar Makarije in Podgorica.

“205,000 euros will be invested for all these goals. We are intensively working on the creation and implementation of these projects for two years. We still have a lot of plans. Now in Montenegro, there is a new Law on Sport and we have several parallel projects that we are implementing to fulfill our tasks. More funds will be allocated from the budget to co-finance national sports associations, so we want to show how much we invest in top-level sports. We also want to continue to develop sports in kindergartens and schools. It is very important for us that children in Montenegro play exactly sports,” said Nikola Yanovich in the Jutarnji program on the RTCG channel.

“Various epidemics of the modern world do not bypass Montenegro, so for us it is extremely important that our children focus on a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways to protect is to go in for sports, as it strengthens both physical and mental health,” N. Yanovich said, adding that in the last two years more than 20 athletic fields, play zones, fields and gyms.

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