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Representatives of the Ministry of Local Government of Tivat Municipality and the company JP Morsko Dobro, which manages the sea coast of Montenegro, visited the beaches and bathing areas located between Lepetani and Krasici districts in order to study their current condition and determine the need for additional investments in these popular public places for them the best preparation for the upcoming summer tourist season in Montenegro.

In total, representatives visited six places for swimming: Pijavica in Lepetani, Donja Lastva near the Church of St. Roca, Tivat Center- in front of the former hotel "Mimosa", Kalimanj - the entrance to harbor, Zupa beach, near the palaces of Verona and Stari Krašići.

"Based on a detailed survey of the current state of public bathing areas located between the Lepetani and Krasici districts in the Tivat municipality, relevant proposals were prepared to improve these beaches, namely prepare them appropriately and qualitatively for the upcoming summer tourist season and, accordingly, provide residents and guests of Montenegro all the conditions for their use. Both the local population and foreign guests need the Tivat municipality, in addition to 100 cubic meters of sand provided by JP Morsko dobro, to deliver to the beaches an additional amount of sand,” said in a statement made after visiting the beaches.

“The cost of loading, transporting and unloading sand on the beaches of the Tivat municipality is 40 euro per cubic meter, therefore the total financial expenses of the municipality of Tivat are estimated at 4,000 euro,” the report says.

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