Ponta Seljanovo should be a well-equipped public urban beach accessible to all

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The municipality of Tivat is convinced that Ponta Seljanovo should be a well-equipped public city beach and an attractive swimming place accessible to all residents and guests of the country.

“Taking into account the great interest of the residents of Tivat, the Tivat Municipality, together with the company Morsko dobro, managing the sea coast of Montenegro, intends to complete the implementation of the project of the public beach zone Ponte Seljanovo on the model of the already made project of the Pine urban waterfront in Tivat. Since Ponta Seljanovo is one of the most visited beaches in Tivat every summer and it is the only natural beach in the municipality with all the advantages, we are still convinced that it should be used as a well-equipped public beach accessible to all”, - Tamara Furtula, Secretary for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, said, and also recalled that the Tivat municipality had already conveyed its idea of ​​the Porsta Seljanovo beach to Morsko dobro several times.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro submitted its Atlas of Montenegrin beaches and bathing places for discussion to the municipality of Tivat. According to this document, Ponta Seljanovo is divided into two parts, which include beach bars and an area with sun loungers and parasols. Everything will be organized in one place, divided into two zones for swimming - 5A and 5B, each with an area of ​​105 sq.m. The beach area 5A is the area where the lighthouse is located, and 5B is the area that extends from cypress to the ramp, designed for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.

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