Lipska Cave opens on April 1st

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The Lipska Cave, which is located near the city of Cetinje (Montenegro) and which was visited by more than 20 thousand people last year, will be officially opened for this summer tourist season on April 1st.

From the Mina-business agency, which is the tourist office of the Lipska Cave, they were very pleased with last year’s season. “Every year we observe a steady increase in the number of visitors to the Lipska cave, therefore, this year we also expect this positive trend to continue,” said the company. They also added that this year the Lipska Cave will be officially open to all residents and guests of Montenegro on April 1st.

The cost of entrance tickets to the Lipska Cave is said to remain the same as it was last year. The price of admission to the cave for an adult will be 10.9 euros, for children up to 5 years old - 1 euro, and for children from 5 to 15 years the cost of admission will be 6.9 euros. A family package is 29.9 euros will include the passage of two adults and two or three children under the age of 15 years. “The ticket price includes: parking, a trip on a small excursion train to the cave entrance and back, a cave tour, guide and insurance,” said Mina-business.

Recall that the Lipa Cave was opened to visitors in July 2015.

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