Four million euros will be invested in the fortress of Mamula this year

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All the preparatory work on the territory of the ancient fortress of Mamula, which is located on Lastavica Island at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, will be completed by March this year, and also a showroom will be created on the island for the presentation of all the possibilities and the 3D model of the future hotel-museum Mamula.

It is also reported that in the second quarter of this year, construction and restoration work will begin on the territory of the Mamula fortress. According to the information provided by the investor, the company Orascom Hotels Management Mamula Montenegro, this year four million euros will be invested in the reconstruction of the Mamula fortress and the construction of the five-star hotel-museum Mamula.

This year, it is planned to invest 160,000 euros for the reconstruction and expansion of the pier in the village of Miriste, as well as to ensure constant power supply, an electric network will be built to the Mamula fortress from the neighboring Cape Arza, for which another half million euros will be allocated.

As for financial obligations and investments last year, the tenant paid the state an annual rent of 47,772 euros and invested 869,932 euros. In total, at the moment, 2,103 million euros were spent on the project of the five-star hotel-museum of Mamula, which went mainly to the preparation of project documentation, equipment, preparatory work, remuneration of employees and the involvement of consultants.

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