The indoor pool in Kotor will be opened before the end of the year

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Today, the final stage of the reconstruction of the indoor pool “Nikša Bućin” began in Kotor. It is reported that this facility will be open until the end of the year.

Montenegrin Minister of Sport and Youth, Nikola Janovic, visited the construction site and said that the Kotor swimming pool is a symbol of the Montenegrin water polo and other swimming sports of the country and that it is of great importance for all Montenegrin sports, as well as for children and youth throughout the Bay of Kotor.

“I am one of those who took the first step for the reconstruction of this basin, because I know its value and its potential. One of the policies of the Government and the Ministry of Sport and Youth of Montenegro is the creation of an accessible sports infrastructure in each city of the country, in any place where it is possible. After the reconstruction of this pool, the water polo will once again return to the city of Kotor, ”said the Minister of Sports Nikola Yanovich. He also added that the sports facilities will be reconstructed or built throughout Montenegro, and that, to date, the Ministry of Montenegro continues to pursue a clear policy and take appropriate measures for the sport to come to life in every Montenegrin quarter, in every settlement.

The director of the Public Works Office, Dr. Reshad Nukhodzic said that the Montenegrin Government provided the funds necessary for the next phase of the reconstruction of the Kotor basin and that they would create all the conditions for all repairs to be completed within the next eight months as planned during the preparation of this project.

“I will do everything possible with the contractor so that the reconstruction works of the Kotor basin will be completed within the time limits initially agreed, and their quality will meet the highest standards,” said the director of the Public Works Administration, Dr Resad Nuhodzic.

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