The first ship sails to the port of the city of Bar, thus open the cruise season

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The cruise tourist liner "Belle Adriatique", owned by the French company, became the first ship that brought guests to the Montenegrin port of Bar this year, marking the beginning of the cruise season in this part of the Montenegrin coast.

The tourist organization of the city of Bar, the company that manages the port of Bar, as well as various organizations from the tourist and creative industries, organized a solemn reception of tourists coming down from the arrived liner. It is worth noting that this ship will arrive at the port of Bar eight more times during the summer tourist season.

The director of the tourism organization (MOT) Bar, Emil Kukal, said he was pleased with the earlier start of the cruise season this year compared to all previous years. “We are very pleased with the fact that today a large number of tourists have come to us, who will visit both the city of Bar and its attractions: the Old City of Bar, an ancient olive tree, etc.,” said E. Kukal.

From the TO of Bar they reported that this year they expect about 27 ships to arrive, which, according to the report, is a significant indicator for the port of Bar. They also stated that the number of cruise liners stopping in the port of Bar city is constantly increasing from year to year.

It is expected that in 2019 the cruise season in the city of Bar will be a record for both the number of arriving liners and the number of guests. It was announced that this year more than 25,000 tourists will arrive at the port of Bar on various cruise ships.

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