A ramp will be installed on the beach in Igalo for ​​people with disabilities to descend into the sea.

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After installing special ramps intended for the descent into the sea of ​​people with disabilities on various beaches in Budva, Bar and Tivat, JP Morsko dobro, managing the sea coast of Montenegro, plans to implement the same project in Herceg Novi before the summer season, setting a ramp on the beach near the Igalo Institute, reports Radio Jadran.

The installation of a ramp for people with disabilities on the beach in Igalo is one of the ten public procurement investments that Morsko Dobro plans to implement in Herceg Novi this year. For the implementation of this goal almost 60 thousand euros were allocated. The tender for the selection of the best contractor for construction and installation works will be valid until March 20, when the opening of all bids is planned.

It is worth noting that the organizers established a shortened deadline for submission of applications for participation in the tender, which is only 22 days, due to the urgency of this project and the need to provide people with disabilities and people with disabilities the opportunity to descend into the sea easily and comfortably before the start of the summer season. The decision on the selection of the most profitable application and the appointment of the general contractor will be made within 40 days from the date of the public opening of all bids.

Recall that last year the company Morsko dobro on the Yellow Beach Pier (mon.Žute plaže) in Kotor installed a mechanical crane to facilitate the descent into the sea of ​​people with disabilities. In addition to this platform, this beach has special toilets and changing rooms adapted for people with disabilities.

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