In the Bay of Kotor, a fisherman from Kamenari caught tuna weighing 72 kg.

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An experienced sports fisherman from the village of Kamenari and a member of the Sports Fishermen Club in Djenovici, Mirko Mandic returned yesterday from sea fishing with the biggest catch - tuna, weighing 72 kilograms and 1.9 meters long (!!!).

The tuna was caught near Perast, at a depth of about 30 meters, the fight with which lasted for almost an hour, Mirko Mandic told Radio Jadran.

“I was fishing on a spinning trip in the Bay of Kotor. The tuna captured the bait near Perast, but then dragged me across the bay to the area of ​​Orahovac, Drazhin Vrt or Bayove kul ... somewhere. Somewhere in the middle of the bay I managed to cope with it. I followed it and held it tightly on the hook until the fish weakened,” Mirko told about his fishing adventure.

On the boat, Mirko was alone and pulled out of the water, as he said “another man”, since he and the caught tuna are approximately equal in both height and weight.

In winter, tuna habitats in the Bay of Kotor are not uncommon, as many fish “spend winter” in a warmer sea. Local fishermen reported that the tuna went into the bay in early December and the greatest amount of fish was observed in the vicinity of the settlement of Ljuta. Later they settled near Perast.

Mirko Mandic has been practicing sport fishing for about four decades and this tuna has become the largest fish he has caught in all time.

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