The final decision is made: no discos on the embankment of the city of Budva

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The authorities of the popular resort town of Budva (Montenegro) made the final decision to remove all discos and nightclubs from the Budva embankment.

Instead of six discos, which are located on the second line of the Budva city embankment: “Maltez”, “Trocadero”, “Ambiente”, “Paris”, “Raphaello” and “Miami" in the future there will be" green zones "with footpaths and places for recreation, said the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, Pavel Radulovic.

“tourist offer of Budva needs nightly entertainment of this kind, but not in this place on the city embankment,” noted P. Radulovic. He also said that no one has anything against nightclubs and discos, as such establishments, and it is obvious, have their own clientele, but still such entertainment facilities should not be located at a given place on the waterfront of the city, ”reports RTV Budva .

Tenants and owners of the aforementioned discos located on the embankment of Budva, told the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro their desire to stay on the Budva embankment for another year. Under the proposed initiative, tenants have not yet received a response, however JP Morsko dobro, managing the sea coast of Montenegro, has already proposed that all these discos to be kept until 2020, while in the meantime the authorities of Budva will decide on the embankment design and the corresponding Implementation Plan for this project.

The director of the State Enterprise for the Management of the Sea Coast of Montenegro, Predrag Dzhelushich, said that every tenant has a contract with the company, according to which, after the expiration of its validity period, the tenant must remove the object and release the rented place.

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