Three more outdoor sports fields are under construction in Budva

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3 more outdoor sports fields will be built in the Montenegrin resort town of Budva, places for which have already been prepared near the Tre Canne complex, in the Bijeli Do area and in the central part of Becici beach.

A spokesman for the Department of Communal Housing, Aleksandar Popovich, said that the city authorities ensured that all the equipment that would be installed on sports fields was of the highest quality.

It is worth noting that the total cost of construction work will be 40,000 euros.

At the moment, residents and guests of the city of Budva are actively using the first outdoor sports ground, which was installed near the city pool in the hotel complex Slovenska Plaža. Budva residents use this gym every day, especially when the weather is favorable. There are many simulators installed at the site that can be used for various exercises and which are great for maintaining fitness and well-being. All equipment for sports fields is made in America and Denmark, and every detail is made of aluminum and a special type of stainless steel, which is resistant to sea water and does not require special maintenance. Also, a special simulator for people with disabilities is installed on the sports ground, so that people in a wheelchair can freely enter and perform certain sports exercises.

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