A sightseeing tax is begun to charge in the Old Town of Budva

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A sightseeing tax is begun to charge in the Old Town of Budva from organized tourist groups in the amount of 1 euro per person.

This excursion tax will be collected from tourists who, as part of excursion groups organized through travel agencies, other companies or private guides who are licensed to carry out excursion activities, want to visit the Old Town of Budva as a tourist place, informs RTV Budva information portal.

Excursion tax will be collected throughout the year from all tourists who visit the Old Town of Budva during a group excursion.

An assistant to the Minister of Finance of Montenegro, Slavko Djukanovic, said that the expectations from the collection of excursion fees in the first year are rather modest, but despite this, the plan of the Tourist Organization (TO) Budva provides for about 150 thousand euros.

“The funds received from the excursion tax will be used to preserve the ancient walls of the Old Town, as well as other cultural and historical monuments that are located in the Old Town of Budva,” S. Djukanovic explained.

The municipality and the Tourist Organization of Budva agreed that, in cooperation with travel agencies and hotel owners, appropriate points will be established, in which the tourist tax will be levied.

It is worth noting that the decision on the introduction of excursion tax from organized tourist groups was made last year.

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