All works on the reconstruction of the island-fortress Mamula meet the highest international standards

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On the island-fortress of Mamula, after the creation of underground auxiliary structures, the upper layer of the earth will be returned and the island will regain its former appearance. At the moment, all works on the reconstruction of the Mamula fortress, which is located on Lastavica island, are carried out in accordance with all city planning, technical and environmental conditions, and are under the constant supervision of relevant experts and government agencies, reports the building agency OHM Mamula Montenegro.

"The reconstruction project of the island-fortress Mamula meets the highest international standards for the reconstruction of cultural and historical values," - said in a press release.

Representatives of OHM Mamula Montenegro also recalled that all the preparatory and construction work at the Mamula fortress and Lastavica island was carried out according to the Law in strict accordance with the prescribed procedure and based on the Government’s Approval for carrying out larger works No. 07-2163 of July 20, 2017.

“In the end, the company Mamula Montenegro released a newsletter on October 12, 2017, which announced the start of preparatory work on the island-fortress of Mamula and which also said that these works, among other things, also imply“ removal of the upper layer ground in the central part of the island Lastavica and excavations at some sites. "That is why, now there can be no talk of any unexpected or unacceptable works in the territory of the Mamula fortress ”.

Mamula Montenegro reported that the planned reconstruction works of the Mamula fortress also include the collection and storage of unique ancient structural elements and stone slabs, which will later be returned to their former places, the removal of the upper layer of earth in the central part and various excavation works on the territory islands, the construction and installation of an autonomous building of electricity and water supply, the creation of temporary landfills and so on.

“The reconstruction project of Lastavica Island and the ancient Mamula fortress located on it includes the construction of an elite boutique hotel with 34 rooms and a SPA center, a memorial museum, four restaurants, a shop, a pool, and a water sports club. After the reconstruction, access to the island-fortress of Mamula will remain free for all comers. ”

It is also reported that the Swiss company Orascom Development Holding, which in Tivat is developing a project of a residential complex Lustica Bay worth 1.1 billion euros, has signed a lease agreement with Montenegro Lastavica Island with the Mamula fortress located on it for 49 years.

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