During the construction of the highway Bar - Boljare all moments were taken into account

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According to the Ministry of Transport of Montenegro, the highway Bar - Boljare is the most complex infrastructure project in the history of Montenegro, the implementation of which, according to public opinion polls, is supported by the overwhelming majority of citizens. Also, according to them, in the implementation of this large-scale project all points were taken into account.

Representatives of the Ministry also report that the installed water and power supply systems are designed not only for the needs of the highway, but also for the economic and tourist development of the northern part of Montenegro.

“We once again remind the residents of Montenegro that the implementation of the Bar-Boljare highway project is not to blame for anyone, since the first idea of ​​the need to build this highway was announced in 1969, and already in 2008 a detailed spatial plan of the highway Bar-Boljare was developed and presented a preliminary draft of its implementation,” - said in a statement the Ministry of Transport of Montenegro.

Representatives of the Ministry emphasize that during the preparation, as well as the implementation of this project, all expert opinions, views and recommendations were taken into account, and they say that now there is no reason to talk about any omissions made during the construction of the Bar-Boljare highway.

It is worth noting that the estimated cost of building the Bar-Boljare highway is 890 535 091.75 euros.

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