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The night before yesterday a film crew arrived in Tivat (Montenegro) along with Hollywood star Johnny Depp to shoot the film Minamata. Most of the cars with filming equipment, as well as a film crew consisting of about 200 people, are located in the Tivat region Župa, which is located near the Tivat sports center and one of those places where the film Minamata will be shot in the coming days.

As announced earlier, the film crew will stay in Tivat for a week, and the scenes with Johnny Depp for the new film will be filmed on the Island of Flowers, in the Zupa area and on the Kalardovo beach in Tivat.

Minamata is a film about the first military photographer of our time, Eugene Smith. After World War II, Y. Smith began working for Life magazine and revealed evidence of people being poisoned at the Minamata factory in Japan. Director of the film Andrew Levitas. The film “Minamata” is based on the joint book of Aileen Myoko Smith and Eugene Smith in the film adaptation of David K. Kessler.

Scenes for this film have already been filmed in Japan and Serbia. It is worth noting that the production center of WIP, which also previously worked on the films The November Man, The Raven, The Papillion, is engaged in the filming of the film Minamata in Serbia and Montenegro, the TV series "The Last Panthers" and other well-known films.

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